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A list of exciting Christmas activities...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by julia pearl, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Song called Christmas Beetle
    Story about the Christmas Spider

    And create activities around them

    Check out websites via Google for info and ideas
  2. Hi We have done
    individual xmas cakes cooked in pineapple tins
    A xmas tree with a box of decorations and cards saying Put on 4 bells, Take off 2 baubels (cards have picture clues On too). Children like putting on and taking off the decorations
    A xmas tree, decorations with blank laminated labels attached. Children can put decoration on the tree if they complete the label using white board pen.
    A range of old xmas cards to sort - get the children to explain why they have sorted cards in that way eg cards with animals on, snowy cards, letter cards etc
    Mini sand tray with glitter and different lengths of coloured beads, baubels etc
    Baubels to thread on wrapping ribbon - look good in colour trays in PSRN area
    Christmas cards cut into a few pieces for jigsaws
    Christmas card snap - laminate 2 of each card and play snap as usual
    Weave tinsel/Christmas ribbon in and out of the fence
    Decorate a tree outside with decorations
    Order different lengths of tinsel in PSRN areas
    That's all I can think of fro the minute, looking forward to other people's ideas.

  3. Ibuzzybea

    Ibuzzybea Occasional commenter

    Christmas Baubals with stickers and sticky ribbons to make decorations.

    Jam jars coloured with permanent/ glass markers and a candle inside.
  4. We're going to link outside role play (observatory) to Wise men who I think are believed to be early astronomers. Our topic has evolved into light and dark and the year of astronomy! We've got a home corner inside at the mo so will turn that into a stable or inn with hay on roof and places for travellors to sleep.

    A successful problem solving activity from previous year- Father Christmas began writing to the children- Rudolf is poorly can you build him a stable so he can rest during the night as he isn't well enough to fly-I've spilt Mrs Christmas' soup beans so please help me by sorting out the different types (different pulses in tuff spot with tongs & tweezers).
    Elves workshop with paper, tape. ribbon to wrap presents. Could be boxes or children choose things from around room or make something increative area. Labels to hole punch and thread ribbon, children write from ......
  5. Last year we made 'christmas pudding' crispy cakes - make chocolate crisy cakes in mini cake cases, try to make them in a ball shape. Roll out white royal icing and cut into a wiggly shape, stick on top with some mini holly (we also made this out of the icing coloured with food colouring).

    We make crackers - wrap crepe paper round a paper tube, tie one end up with wrapping ribbon, leave the other end open under the class tree, then the Christmas fairy comes overnight and fills them with sweets/ other treats.

    Stained glass biscuits - press a boiled sweet into the biscuit dough before baking.

    We've made rudolph cards/ pictures before too - brown foot-print for the face shape (or some years just cut out the shape it's easier!), cut round it, 2 hand prints for antlers, red pom pom for the nose, 2 of those googly eyes you can buy. Looks fab.
    Or make little reindeers with a cardboard tube, wrap in crepe paper, draw and cut out a face to stick on, pipe cleaner legs and antlers.
    Santa's workshop role-play. Lots of wrapping different shape/ size boxes good for Shape, Space and measure/ problem solving. Wrap up different 3D shapes - guess the shape, or can children wrap them in a way that disguises the shape?

  6. A simple but effective webquest at www.webquests4schools.com
    Get pupils in teams or individually to see who can get the highest mark - my kids get VERY competitive and its good for their ict skills. There is also a wordsearch and crossword for extension activities
  7. We have made some hangins, where the children have made a pattern using various shades of blue tissue paper, tinsels cut up, snowflakes and glitter on the paper that can be laminated (I've forgotten the proper name), they then will be hung up with fairy lights very pretty.
  8. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    I can't see anything on www.webquest website for Early Years. Am I missing something or is the poster just advertising their website.
  9. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    christmas table centre pieces
    piece of cardboard (could be side of a cereal box)
    3 cardboard tubes of various lengths (toilet rolls /kitchen rolls) cover with white paper (glue down tube ,roll paper round glue down edge) one of the tubes could have numbers down it for advent candle?.Fringe one end of all three candles and glue down in centre of the card...could be a group or line.
    Glue all over the cardboard and arrange ,scrunch gold paper or tin foil to cover the board.
    Children then choose tinsel,baubels ,pine cones (whatever you have collected or had donated) and glue down around their candles ...finish with a bit of coloured cellophane stuck into each candle as a flame.
    These do look gorgeous ,over the top ,there are a number of skills involved but all have indivuals stamp on them.
  10. vannie

    vannie Star commenter

    Sorry - you can shoot me down if you like but these - and quite a few of the other activities seem very 'adult chosen' to me.
    I'm not having a go but really the children are only choosing decoration and glueing it on - not really teaching skills.
    For myself I shall be putting out loads of christmassy stuff for them to investigate and a range of creative resources for them to work with - including wrapping paper / tape / glitter / different cards / range of christmas cards etc - then I will plan which skills I want them to learn - teach them - and let them have a go.
    They will all produce something different and I will no doubt be blown away by their boundless creativity.
    Surely we're teaching skills & process rather than 'end product'?
  11. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    [​IMG]I did only mention one activity
    I always have a 'making' 'creative table' full of all the recycled junk the parents send in and I or my TA spend time talking to the children and helping them or suggesting ways of 'attaching the pieces eg staplers,masking tape,cellotape,hole punching ,treasury tags,split pins etc.I will be putting'chrismassy things on the table in a week or so.
    I thought the purpose of the thread was to offer suggestions for christmas activities so thought the table decoration fit in well ..there are quite a lot of skills involved, I did dash it off quickly but the measuring,number work as well as manipulative 'fixing' skills are useful.....especially when you see the children using the skills learnt in their independent work later.
    I also like to do cloves stuck in oranges (fine motor skills) shoot me down for that one too!
  12. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    forgot to mention the felted soaps we are making and having soooo much fun
  13. What's a felted soap? sounds intriguing...
    interesting xxx#
  14. fulloffun that felted soap idea is lovely. Blow doing it with the kids, I'd quite like to do it on my own!

    I have decided to dress my Bee-Bots up as camels with Kings on their backs and get the children to navigate the 3 Kings / Wise men to Bethlehem on a on large sheet of paper I've made in to a basic map / roadway/ path through the desert. Other than that I'm still trying to think of ideas. Our head of early years has decided that we're going to have an RE focus next week on the nativity story and then break out in to full swing, more secular (if that possible whilst celebrating a religious festival) Christmas activities the following week.

    I can think of loads of stuff to do the week after next but I'm finding it hard to think of activities to do with the nativity - apart from the "lets count how many stars are in the night sky above Baby Jesus" sort of thing.
  15. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    for the nativity you could do dressing up in the role play area and re enacting the story.
    I have the characters coloured and cut out (several years old now) with magnets on the back and agin the children can re tell the story on the magnetic board ,I also have words ,Mary,Joseph ,sheep etc that the children can move around and put next to the characters.
    You could use an old roll of wall paper (the back of) and let the children draw the map from Nazareth to Bethlehem,using wooden bricks to build villages or houses on the way,your map could be attached.
    Stained glass windows are always popular ,cut coloured cellophane into strips ,let the children look through them and overlap to make different colours then let them chop them into rectangles,squares and triangles, you could either have some sticky back plastic ready for them to put the cellophane on or have laminating pouches open for them to put cellophane on or pva glue greaseproof paper and stick cellophane on (haven't done the later?) have black strips of paper for the children to criss cross their window....lovely results and lots of skills involved here.
    the BBc has an animated Nativity story we have watched...we watched it through Esspresso.
    a close look at candles and a circle time about thinking why we have christmas with a lit candle to focus on.
    any good?
  16. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    Get the children to sort out the plastic animals , to animals that you may find in the desert etc
    Look at the globe,maps to find the Bible land
    we have some lovely children's bibles and have those in the reading corner for children to look at .
  17. Thank you guys.

    When I actually sat down to plan I came up with quite a few of the ideas you suggested - I just don't think my brain woke up 'till about lunchtime today. Sorting animals, masks in the role play area and key names / words displayed are all on my planning. Thanks for getting back to me. I've sent my planning off to my HoD (I'm an NQT), we'll see if it matches up to what she was expecting.
  18. this all sounds nice. what do you mean by calendars on comp?
    (living in vietnam so cant buy advent calendars, would be nice to make them if thats what you meant...)
  19. Hi
    I'm an NQT, so don't have many suggestions of xmas ideas, but I did do a lovely activity during my placement last year.
    We made some magical reindeer dust for the children to sprinkle on their paths/ gardens on xmas eve so santa and the reindeers can find their house easier. It's a really simple idea and the children loved it!
    Each child takes it in turns to add a handful of porridge oats to a large mixing bowl. Next show them the 'magic' glitter and explain what it does. I also made a 'magic' spoon for them to use to stir the glitter into the oats. I passed these round the circle. Whilst each child stirred the mixture, I asked them to think of a christmas wish, it is these wishes that make it shine really brightly for santa to see.
    Each child then put a spoonful each into a hessian bag to take home.
    Hope that's useful, Happy Christmas
  20. If you don't know about ictopus this is well worth a visit. Some ideas with a Christmas theme. And no, it's not my website!


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