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A Level - Three Forces In Equilibrium - PANIC!

Discussion in 'Science' started by electro-web, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. electro-web

    electro-web New commenter

    I'm teaching A level Physics and not over-confident with it! (and I'm an NQT on top of everything)

    Has anyone actually done the three forces problem with three masses on two pulleys, for real rather than as a theoretical diagram? Does it work? Is it worth it? What sort of stuff can I get them to do with it other than proving what's going on?

    Also, what other activities could I put into the lesson on equilibrium forces? They'll have done the coplanar forces practical with a single mass and two force meters.

    I'm really struggling, wish I wasn't teaching A level. If there was any resources in place I'd be fine but re-famliarising myself with the material whilst also trying to think of how to teach it to others is hellish.
  2. Don't panic. It works well (within the limits of experimental error, which they should be familiar with from GCSE - evaluation).
    You can do this as a "here is an exercise to carry out" but you might like to check TAPs http://tap.iop.org/mechanics/static/202/page_46254.html and see if you can adapt anything there.
    There used to be an experiment called "Alpine Traverse" but I can't find a link to it and I've retired, so I don't have access to my old paperwork.
    I'm also sending you a message - look at your inbox please.

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