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A level textiles

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Dressmate, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hi there
    If you want Textiles Technology then the only board which still does a course is AQA. I am not sure any of us would 'recommend it'! Sorry that was a bit tongue in cheek. the coursework is fine - lots of feedback and support but the theory which is 50% of the course is more than stressful as the board haveno book and the spec is very broad - you basically have to find all of the information from whatever sources you can and guess if it is correct. Stuff usually comes up in the exam that I haven't covered because it wasn't clear in the spec that you had to teach it and finding the info would be hard anyway. We have a couple of 'online communitoies to support one another because for the theory the exam board are very little help. having said that I did go to a very good course this time last year on the AS content. Am now waiting for an A2 content one. I have also written a 'book' of about 250,000 words of notes for my students and I know several other teachers have done the same for this course. I still don't know if what i have written is right.
  2. Sorry I pressed post before I had finished.
    I am not putting you off because i love teaching A'level and the students work is amazing and they love the coursework. They don't mind the theory - just say that it is too much to learn because it is - and quite technical.
    Hope this helps.
    I know that AQA also do an art textiles course and the WJC do a product design course where students can study textiles but they have a theory exam in on paper and woods as well as textiles.
  3. Yes, there has been several long conversations on here about this specification.
    The coursework is great, and some of the theory is really relevant. Stuff like the history of fashion and fashion cycles, but the textile science.....................it's like cracking a code. They always shove stuff on the exam that isn't mentioned on the syllabus, and generally find the most obscure things to include, that nobody can find any info about.
    Have just gone over last years paper with my A2 class. What are luminescent finshes?? I can't find anything on them at all. Yet I have a sample answer paper for this question, with the most amazing answer on it from a student.
    AQA is the only board that do it. I have copme round to acceptring that allmy kids do really well on the coursework, but not well on the exam. Kids who got a B at GCSE struggle with the exam. In fact I have got several in my Y12 class who got A at GCSE, but are probably going to get a D at AS....
    My advice: 1) Only take them if they have got a B or above in Maths and Science, as it seems to me that these are the only ones who can do the written paper, and these seem to be the most relevant subjects. GCSE textiles is less important than Maths and Science in my opinion
    2) When writing the course information for prospective Y12's, make sure it is clear that actually designing and making garments is only about 25% of the course,and most of it is scientific,........ otherwise you get a load of would be WAGS..............................
    Dressmate, I know I still need to send yopu that stuff on CMT, but have been battling to0 get coursework marked and sent off. WEill send it next week, and yes, all those marketing sectors are used in industry, particualrly in advertsisng,, but they change all the time
  4. Thank you Dressmate and Designerwhirl. I really appreciate your comments and opinions. I didn't realise things were this tough!! I am a little shocked actually.
    I am going to continue carrying out further research and will be in touch soon.
    Thanks again!! You're both fab:)
    Take care. Sophie.
  5. Lol don't worry - I know only too well the stress of getting coursework in and marked. i actually have lots on CMT and providing it is right then should be ok. actually rushing through that tomorrow -it's the last topic I have to cover then we start exam practice in ernest. Students are v fed up already though. found some more essay tpics for you - will send them to you.
  6. Dressmate, did you go to the meeting on improving exam performance in Text 1 nd 3? They had lots of really good revision questions with answers. They also had some info on how to brak down a question which was very good for AS. If you need to ask about these contact me through Facebook.

  7. Hello Dressmate,
    I wonder if you can help. I posted a thread a while back on A Level Textiles. My school have now decided to go ahead with A level textiles AQA. I was wondering if there were any resources that you could possible send me? Anything such as the schemes of work, book list, etc. I am awaiting the specification too. I understand it is a lot to ask but am not sure who else to ask. I need to write some information ready for the school prospectos by the end of next week. Can you help?

    Thanks in advance!!
  8. Hi just noticed this! It's probably a good idea to message me on Facebook if you need a faster reply although I come on here quite often they don't send email alerts so I don't always look. Anyway I responded to your earlier post but if you send your email i can send a digital copy of the spec and the book list as well as some other info I have from the board.
    I will try not to be too sceptical about this.........but I do not have a good opinion of the theory side of the course or the exam or the way it is marked. It is VERY HARSHLY marked. The seem to expect delivery of a very factual course which has excessively broad content which they then examine in a method which requires application - at almost degree level. Having said that I can send you my SoW but it really only follows the spec. As I said I do single projects. Where are you based? You are welcome to visit - I am in Hertfordshire.

  9. I went to the first one and was given all of the material from the second course (which I think you are referring to). i used all of this with both sets of students. A2 students were very confident goin into the exam and excited when they came out because they had enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And felt they knew the answers and wrote loads.
    My AS class were a bit weaker this year but we still did so much practice all year of exam style questions. Didn't help.
    My results have got considerably worse since I attended the training courses. :(
    I think the AS exams have got harder actually - well more obscure with very random topics coming up, which students struggle to relate to (and AQA 'make up' the products they use anyway - they are not real!!!) It's time they realised these students are only just past GCSE and the exams needs to reflect that. Surely with such a high % doing so badly someone must question something. My school certainly are. Or is it that every textile teacher in the country is absolutely useless and knows nothing.
  10. You are so right. Each year I enter my students feeling that we have covered all the topics very thoroughly and again a high percentage of the group get U at AS for the exam, when they are getting A& B for coursework. We buy back scripts to help see where we are going wrong but as you point out, each year some random tricky questions are thrown in that almost seem to deliberately catch the students out. Then the mark scheme is so specific to only one persons thinking, how they are expected to know what is wanted form them is impossible to predict. Even students who can write with eloquence and clear sound knowledge are being penalised because they are not using the exact word that the mark scheme dictates should be used. At A level should we not be trying to educate our students to be able to communicate their knowledge in a broad way and apply it through less prescriptive means. I have just spent two hours trawling through alternative qualifications and am seriously thinking of investigating the OCR Product design option which, although is geared to a range of media, does not place a 50% expectation on the exam component.
  11. Textile1

    Textile1 New commenter

    Hello Escobar
    Good luck with your new course. If you look on the aqa website you will find a very detailed book and resource list. Also aqa run a number of training courses for teachers so its worth contacting them to see whats on. They also send cds with a lot of useful stuff to all schools at the end of the autumn term, but you need to have registered that you are teaching the spec - check with your exams officer. Its worth ringing them to ask whats available.

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