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A level Textiles...

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by cgurney, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. So here we are at the end of the year and having spent at least 4hrs every Sunday all year writing the content for the A2 theory using a small range of books, my own knowledge and having trwled the internet looking for info for hours I still have no idea if the thousands of words of notes I have written are what students need to know. i have had meetings with science, geography and Business studies A'levek teachers who in most cases haven't been able to give me any guidelines as to what the spec really wants me to teach (in fact I usually end of teaching them s few things). I have written endlessly to AQA and complained about lack of support to be hit by a brick wall of people who actually don't care. I am sick of it. My last resoirt will be to have every paper remarked in August if grades are lower than they should be and to complain then as well. And I will make a very big noise believe me if my A and B grade students do not get the A's and B's they deserve. They are working really hard for the exam and I have admitted to them that i would not want to sit it. I doubt many teachers would pass it.
  2. Sadly it's a relief to read this. It's an extremely difficult task presenting a highly technical subject without a theory text to back it up. The spec is so vague and the exam questions will no doubt concentrate on something that has only been briefly mentioned in it.
    We felt so disillusioned we changed our course to an Art/textiles type but now the pupils are moaning because they want to make frocks. Can't win.
  3. I know how you feel I have spent the entire year feeling depressed about this. I have searched high and low for an equivalent A'level but have found none. the art dept at my school already teaches Art textiles and students play around with bits of fabric and print stuff or knit squares and then stick things on them. Very creative but totally unstructured and absolutely no use for the modern courses at university which focus on complex making skills and industrial practice. Some of my students also do the art textiles A'level but most don't like the lack of structure. we have an amazing fashion show every year and much of the work is degree standard now. It's just so depressing that they also have to learn so much highly technical stuff - much of which they will never use or even apply to anything. Totally pointless.
  4. I am totally depressed by it too. In fact I was so sick of sending hours trying to find stuff out, that I sent a furious email to AQA.
    There are not enough candiates to make the publishing of a textbook viable (although Edexcell managed it). However in light of this AQA are looking at providing more support material..........apparently..........
    I am sick of the truck loads of theory, it takes forever, and is way too hard. I don't know what to do if the farce of AS exam is repeated at A2...perhaps we should go to OFQUAL...
  5. Sorry I had to smile reading your post. I have written about 10 letters and emails as well as made numerous phone calls as have many others that i know, to no avail. I even criticised one of the AS exams question by question pointing out parts which were not on the spec. They had the cheek to try and tell me that piping is an edge finish as well as a load of other waffle. I laughed out loud. No it's not it's a decorative technique! You can't finish an edge with piping. I have also sent letters to Ofqual and had discussions with them. Still no joy. My students actually did ok on the AS exam really but we are all dreading the A2. The questions are so broad, and *** some of the spec content is ridiculous. I have spoken to the person who writes the paper, they did a test one using her students! She knows what to teach them doesn't she - she wrote the questions. That's hardly a fair test. Maybe AQA don't know about fair tests.!!
  6. But, perhaps if we put in a co-ordinated complaint, from all the teachers on here, they might pay attention.....
    Anyway, I fully intend to vent my fury at the meeting on the exam in July. I am not getting fobbed off with any ****, and I intend to introduce OFQUAL into the equation. I will also recriut any other peed of textile teachers, to put in a coordinated response to AQA and OFQUAL if I can...... I am really really looking forwrd to giving AQA a hard time at this meeting
    When I went to the meeting on A2 courseowk last November, I vented my spleen then. I was told AQA had received no complaints. Funny that, because we sent one in and obviously you did as well. The Head of Assessment at my school, says AQA are the least likely of all the exam boards to back down
    When you went ot OFQUAL, did you include any of the theads on here about AQA?
  7. sent you a message
  8. Can I join in with any formal complaining please!! Am in exactly same position re theory. I've worked so hard on it this year - really felt on my own with it. Surely AQA must listen if we all join together.
  9. mschongkong

    mschongkong New commenter

    Thats novel, re-cycling clothes, I was born at the beginnig of the sixties, my mum made all our clothes (three sisters) and recycled wool from school jumpers, into new school jumpers in larger sizes, extended hems by adding fabric and some decorative ribbon, turned my dads collar regularly, which I still do for my husband now, it is only since the late 70's and 80'shave we become a throw away society for clothes - or at least we put them in the charity bag - another source of materials when you are size 10/12 buy size 18/20 clothes for the fabrics and recreate.[​IMG]
  10. This looks like a good idea but i don't think it would work in my school. We focus on a single project because that is what the students want to do. I would worry about getting the skills range in if we did a portfolio and also worry about finishing everything. They seem to like the single project and we do have some amazing work. Also having tried a couple of recycling projects I have to say it was really hard work trying to find clothing that was big enough to cut up and then I had an issue over whether you can give them credit for seams and darts which had to be left in to get big enough pieces of fabric and therefore which they did not sew themselves. So am avoiding whole class projects of this type though still encourage individuals to do this type of thing.
  11. I have just read all of threads and I think I am going to cry!!!16yrs as a Textiles Teacher and I have been asked to teach A level Textile product design by AQA in September after returning from maternity leave two weeks ago!!!!I have children who have not done GCSE and some supersonic kids-should I just give in now?
    I have ordered the 'Cutting Edge' book but I just feel lost with the specfication-I don't really know where to start and what to make? I was thinking of 1 lesson a week theory and doing some small projects maybe a bodice made from old ties or restyling an old piece of clothing? I was thinking of buying an -Embellisher'? Is there any thing like equipment you think I really need to get me started? AQA have sent me a DVD with coursework,but what do yu do your theory in-do you use a sketchbook? or folder? Are you working through each fibre?
    I feel clueless! If there is any help out there I would be very grateful.
  12. The advice was 2 theory lessons at AS and 1 st A". However there is so much stuff in A2, that I think it is very hard to do one lesson on theory.
    Theory is meant to be taught through the projects (ha ha)
    Most useful thing I have used is tailors dummy, and a knitting machine is quite helpful. Tailored items need good pressing, so this is quite important too
    I have revised my course to this:
    As: Basic childrenswear project, where they all make almost identical things. This is to teach accuracy and basic sewing techniques and pattern markings, as most don't know this. This is going too last a maximum of 3 weeks
    Fashion project taught like short course
    Interiors project focussing on development of techniques like printing and embroidery. We try to teach all theory as practical wherever possible
    The best book I have found is a clothing book called clothing technology. It is available on Amazon. It costs £40.00, but has nearly all the technical info you need. It would be impossible to teach the course without this.
    The cutting edge is OKish, but doesn't really go into the depth needed.
    Pattern blocks or Fittingly Sew are essential. The Winnifred Aldritch pattern cutting book is the best for pattern cutting

  13. I have a million slide shows on theory if you are struggling. It took me along time to set up the course. There are some good DVD's from Pumpkin as well
  14. adamsk1

    adamsk1 New commenter

    I am struggling, I've not long posted a thread re: A Level Textiles help. Could you upload your slides to the resources section or send an email to adam6spence@hotmail.com
  15. So Hi everyone - after our year of complaining how are your results? Mine are down by nearly 75% and no A*'s like all the other subjects so instead of 85% A-B's at A2 I only have 71% A-s' and B's due in part to the course and the exam and to the fact that I had a bigger class and less time to get through everything because they shortened our lessons. Hey ho! AS were also down this year probably because I have a large class with a wide spread of ability. Only 50% A's and B's at AS down from 85% last year!
    Went to a training course at the end of the year run by Pauline treuhertz who writes the AS paper. She went through everything we are meant to teach - at top speed. Was quite useful but there were many many questions about support and how we are meant to know what to teach.
    I am changing my course and as we have more lessons and some double now I am doing two theory a week with AS and A2. The A2 is still way too hard though. There were science questions on this year's paper that our head of chemistry could not answer.
    Onwards and upwards.
  16. My results were odd. Nearly every student scored a grade below where they should have been. I got a few B's one A* and one A. The other student who should have scored A* got U on exam paper. However the ones at the bottom who scored U on both exam papers still managed to get a D or an E overall.
    AS exam marks were ok, but some not as good as they should have been
  17. I know that you wrote this soem time ago, are you still struggling? I am looking into movign to OCR product design , as the weighting for CW & exam is fairer, plus the exam content includes designing, which is what the students do best. If anyone out there is currently doign the OCR a level in Textiles please can you get in touch
  18. I can see you wrote this some time ago and assume you my still feel the same way. I am totally frustrated over the lack of clear resources for the exam. We have had the worst results ever for TEXT 1, with some excellent students who have got their A's in TEXT2 yet have got e's some have failed. Not encouraging for the new intake. Any resources, very gratefully received.

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