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A' Level Textiles ... again

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Dressmate, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I felt that I had to start this thread because I just need to know... Are we still the only school getting rubbish (need a stronger word here) marks on theory papers??????????
    Our coursework marks are fine - really good actually.
    I slog my guts out with the theory writing it, preparing lessons that try to engage the students, my A2 students have spent a year doing an essay each week to prepare them for the exam, we have done masses of practice questions, in the style of the exam questions. My daughter was one of my students she spent hours and hours revising, writing notes attending revision sessions and reading around the subject. She loves to read so this was not a problem for her.
    She was not the only one, as soon as study leave started we had 2 x 2hr revision sessions a week which most of my students attended, each week as a class we would go through bullet pointing answers to potential exam questions. I really started to feel that we had cracked it, as by the day of the exam they all said they felt really well-prepared although were still nervous. They came out out of the exam quite exhilerated some even saying they had enjoyed it. They talked about the spider diagrams and essay plans they had done before each question and how much they had written. They said they had read each question carefully and circled the ones they felt they could answer really well. I was pleased and was really hoping for better results from the written exam. Today they got their results. Most of them got E's and U;s on the paper. Given that many got A*s and A's in the final exams for their other subjects, it is wrong to suggest they underperform in exams, and that they didn't do any work, because I know they did. Is it my fault because I didn't prepare them. They don't think so and actually given the hours I spent, neither do I? Clearly I would never not prepare my own daughter for an exam where her university place relied on it. So where is the problem? My results have dropped from 95-100% A's and B's with Edexcel to 60-65% A's and B's with AQA. last year I put down to the fact that it was a new exam but not now.
    All I can say is thank goodness for the great coursework marks and they all got into their uni's anyway.
    Can anyone help me here because I actually feel like giving up. There seems to be no point in teaching the theory.
  2. We had a wide spread of theory marks this year, from 38 - 96, with x1 U, x1E x 5D x1C x2 A - the A's well were deserved, but 50% of the marks a D?

    Like you, so many hours on prep for theory lessons, trying different ways to make it more interesting and engaging.
    and again like you, our Coursework marks were superb. One of the students gained almost full marks on the coursework, got A's on both TEXT1 and TEXT2 but got at D on the TEXT3 paper - where is the logic in that? Luckily this student still got an A overall, but she should have got a * as she is an excellent candidate! So very frustrating and unfair!

    Our A/S results were a mixed bag as well...

    Tearing hair out yet again!
  3. I know how you feel. It doesn't make sense at all.
    Especially given the tag of it being non-academic. I never had this problem with Edexcel.
    I had two B's on the theory at A2 and the rest were E's and U's.
    What i struggle most with is the fact that many of my students are academic and on final exams in other subjects like English Literature and History they get A's and A*s but then they get an E for Textiles in the exam. How does that work. It really doesn't make sense. it's as though the exam board want them to fail. I hate it.

  4. finamar

    finamar New commenter

    Have you thought of getting some of the exam scripts back to identify where your students are weakest? I know it costs money but it may be worth it!

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