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A-Level textbooks for sale

Discussion in 'Geography' started by geogteachersaregreat, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. geogteachersaregreat

    geogteachersaregreat New commenter

    My school is sadly closing its 6th form which means I have lots of textbooks and no use for them. I have 9 copies of AQA A-Level Geography written by Skinner, Abbiss, Banks, Fyfe and Whittaker.


    They were bought 3 years ago and the covers show the use they have had, but there is no damage to the content pages - no doodling, highlighting or notes in the margins. I am asking for £5 per book, plus postage and packaging which I can only calculate when I know how many are being sold and where they are going. All money will go back into my department budget. First come first serve.
  2. theschoolcounsellor

    theschoolcounsellor New commenter

    Hi, my daughter is doing A level Geography and this book has been recommended to her. I'd be interested in buying a copy if that's ok - although you may want to sell all the books together, which I understand. Could you let me know if you're happy to sell just one? Thanks very much
  3. geogteachersaregreat

    geogteachersaregreat New commenter

    theschoolcounsellor - I am happy to sell you just one copy yes, it will be £8 including P+P. If you contact me at dpope@bridgnorthendowed.co.uk I can then send you payment details. Thanks

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