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A level results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. zip


    hmmm we've had our Unit 3 marks changed and I know I marked them exactly the same last year!! SOOO frustrating and upsetting! But I think more shocking..... one of my kids got 120/120 for Unit 4!!!!!!!!!!! I had to be picked up off the floor!
    Utterly bizarre!
  2. Ha ha ha, is it possible to get 100% on unit 4 - wow! I got a couple of A's and was pleased enough with that but they at the low end of an A so didn't get an A overall- boo.
    I did however get all A's for Unit 2 - bloomin miracle but needed as Unit1 marked down
  3. zip


    I am still expecting them to tell me it's a mistake!! :)
    Great to get all As for Unit 2! V impressive... must be a v good group.
  4. Hi
    I'm quite pleased with my A Level results again this year. My AS group have got some brilliant marks - no full markers I'm afraid though!!! My A2 group really messed up on Unit 4 which has really quite annoyed me as we spent loads of time on exam questions, practical work, directing tasks, note taking etc etc....I think they may have become a little complacent to be honest as they THOUGHT they'd be "fine" because they could take their notes in....ah well, going in to school tomorrow to see the kids and have a chat with a few of them.
    Had a bit of bother with a parent who felt that I had marked his son unfairly for Unit 3 but my moderator told me in their report that I was a little "generous" in my marks but didn't take any marks off !!!
  5. We've just got one of those as well - and yes - I'm with you on the floor!

  6. Well done everyone. Some great marks there. 120/120 for Unit 4 is amazing! Our highest last year was 118/120 - wonder where she went wrong?!
    Am pretty fed up to be honest. Unit 4 was pretty good - as expected no-one got an A but most people got what was predicted. Units 1 and 3 unchanged, which very positive feedback from moderators. They confirmed our marking was accurate, which makes our Unit 2 results all the more shocking. Really can't understand the marks - roughly 2 grades lower than anticipated. Even more concerned to see the breakdown of marks and how they were awarded. Last year we had a handful of lowish ones, 2 of which we appealed, but after that blip we really have focused on Unit 2 this year and have sought help from Edexcel. (Historically our marks at unit 2 have been good - many excellent with the odd exception and one dodgy year in 2006.) My colleague and I are pretty stunned to say the least and it's had a big impact on the overall AS grades and on the A2s for people who resat Unit 2.
    So down the appeals route for Unit 2! Good luck to everyone who's appealing their Unit 1 and 3 adjustments!
    Now dreading GCSE!
  7. Bad news Crunchy, that's awful - 2 grades lower is heartbreaking.. It can be such a lottery with examiners. However, as I have said previously how can a GOOD be equal to a D grade! I think some examiners would be surprised to see what grade their marks come out as.
    I have appealed on Unit 2 but both times in the legacy spec, once they all went up a couple of marks) the second time remained unchanged. Two of the kids who were given C's by the cheerful examiner eventually went onto get A's at A2. BUT they also had Unit 5 (which i miss) which meant good actors had more chance to get back on track.
    I would start your appeal now and make sure you don't get the same examiner again!
  8. Thank you, rentonave. I appreciate that. It is upsetting and I do feel that it's very hit and miss as to what examiner you get. I've had some very generous ones (surprisingly so!) and so some harsher ones. This one is really shocking.
    I know what you mean - good band is often equal to a D which is hard to get your head round and excellent can quite easily be a C.
    I'm glad to hear you had grades changed one on appeal. I've never heard of this happening so fingers crossed it will happen this year.
    The worst thing is that some kids re-sat this year (examiner last year on the harsh side of fair) and they've really worked on their performances this year, using video from last year to improve their performances (of different monologues/group piece) and with support from examiner at Edexcel. I am absolutely confident that they, at the very least, performed better than last year and most of them have come out with the same grade. I find that direct comparison the hardest to understand.
    Thanks for the support! I will be appealing on the first day of term. It's just what to do next if that doesn't work. :(
  9. dande

    dande New commenter

    Blimey. Make sure you get their paper back and then you can make copies and sell it for a fortune!!!
  10. zip


    I know!! :)
  11. Hello,
    Can anyone tell me how I can access the moderator's report for my AS results?
    I have looked on edexcell online and on results plus etc. Am I being silly?
    I have seen my GCSE moderator's report-bit disheartened with unit 2 but others seem to be in the same boat.
    Thanks very much.

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