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A level results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Ok, the fear has set in so I'm starting this now, ready for the trials and tribulations of Thursday. :)
  2. Ok, the fear has set in so I'm starting this now, ready for the trials and tribulations of Thursday. :)
  3. Me too! My moderators report for Unit 1 is already on edexcel online! No marks changed.
    To be honest though, I am dreading GCSE even more.
  4. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

  5. Not that I know of Resources! Crikey!

    I've lost my access to Edexcel online and resultsplus for some reason. When I try to log in it says 'you do not have authority' or something similar. Trying to get hold of someone at school. V annoying!
  6. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    One of the worst things a teacher can be told...
  7. Haha! So true!
  8. Retonave, that's strange. Just logged on (change of login details - I now have access) but can't get mine yet. Glad it's gone well for you. Think I'm equally scared for next week too!
  9. How do you access/ find it on edexcel online?
  10. Your school gives you login details and you can access results for your subject.
  11. They are online now!
  12. Thanks for replying. I have that, but just need to poke around on it to understand it i think. Cheers
  13. Thanks for letting us know Moderator's reports were available - just checked - and Unit 1 marks have been changed!
    I do struggle at this stage - yes, someone thinks we are not marking in line with the National Standards - but I do struggle with this when we have standardised in the same way, applied the marks in the same way and have never been marked down in the life of this spec - suddenly what we do is wrong!
    And of course, the report doesn't really detail where we have gone wrong!!!
  14. Having marks changed is the MOST soul destroying thing - especially when it was fine last year.
    what makes me cross is that you haven't changed but your moderator has
    have you got last years moderators reports? If so you could appeal - showing that the standard/scheme was agreed last year but not this?
    have you access to your grades? how has this impacted on them?
  15. No access to grades yet, so don't know how much the adjustment is .... but, to mention it on a moderator's report does point to a substantial adjustment doesn't it!
    I do have last year's moderatr's report that clearly states there was no change and everything met National Standards - marking and standardisation was in line with last year and we even started with the same texts!
    What annoys me is the moderator's report doesn't clearly detail why the adjustment has been made and that without paying, I don't know how to find out why the adjustments have been made!
  16. Ha ha - went on and looked at mine again AND they had made adjustments- i was looking at unit 3 not unit 1. So despite my support I am in the same boat!!
    I wonder if we had the same examiner! Like you,I did the same texts last year - the group weren't as able however and we did rush the written work for the second text.
    If you contact me off group I can send you my moderators report so we can compare.
    If you can access your report, you should usually have access to grades, search and then select june 2011.
  17. Where do you go exactly to get the moderators report? Fishing around but cant seem to find it, So dense and anxious! cheers :)
  18. Edexcel On Line
    Then central blue bar click on GCE
    Then click on RESULTS on left blue bar
    Then select Moderator's Reports
    At the moment they are coming in about 20mins - MAILBOX at top of screen dark blue bar
    Hope that helps
  19. Copied our very undetailed, unspecific report to you via this site into your inbox !
    Just compared the report to last years which was detailed, specific to our texts etc etc - this year bland, unspecific and undetailed.
  20. Thanks so much


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