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A' level results should l ask for it to be remarked?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by 1976, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am unhappy with the results gained by 5 out of 8 students within my A2 cohort. My students produced work in film, Sculpture, Paint and photography and tend to prefer more conceptual outcomes. Some have weak literacy, they can rely on second hand sources and their primary sources will often not directly relate to a final outcome. During the external moderation, both the chief and normal moderator ( two moderaters attetnded from EDEXCEL) seemed pleased. They did mention that we may have been a 'little' generous with some of the higher cohort, but overall were accurate.
    Listed below are the results gained by the students that l possibly would like to query.
    student A: AS = B (Mid B), our result = low B (scored a high B for his c wrk and a C for his exam), A2 result = C
    student B: AS = C (Mid C), our result = C (scored a high B for c/work and a low C for exam), A2 result = D
    student C: AS = C (Mid C), our result = C (scored C for c/work and a low C for exam), A2 result = D
    student D: AS = D, our result = D (scored mid D on C/work and slightly higher for exam), A2 result = E
    Student E: AS = D, our result= U (scored an E for c/wrk and scored a 4/80 for the exam which was a U), A2 result = E.
    I am very confused. How can a student who got an extremely low score for his exam, who only gained an 'E' for his coursework and was bringing forward a D, pass? Also, The first three students scored highish marks for their AS, were the top three students in the class (and were also the previuos year) gain a whole grade lower? The two that gained a 'D', produced more interesting and better developed work than the other student whose 'D' grade remained unchanged? This is also the case of the student who gained an 'E', when l compare this work with another student who gained the 'E' l expected. These students may have been one or two marks away from the higher grade. Also, it would appear from these results that the moderators significantly marked down the majority of the cohort.
    Has anyone had the same experinece with EDEXCEL this year? What can l expect if l decide to have the work looked at again? Is it worth it?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Wolfiefish

    Wolfiefish New commenter

    I have been using edexcel for two years now, (IGCSE). And I am totally horrified by the inconsistency of the marking. 2 pupils who I thought would get an A grade got C grades! However a pupil who got a B grade last year could not be compared to the work that the 2 C grade candidates got this year. His work was far worse.
    So I've been reading the Cambridge syllabus and thinking about going back to them.
    I mean don't Edexcel employ c;eaning staff to do their marking?

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