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A level results better than ever - Again !

Discussion in 'Primary' started by iamagoodgirl, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. What do people think ?. Are students getting brighter every year, just better at passing exams or what ?
    Years ago students could get into a good University with C Grades. Now I know of students with B Grades who can't a place of their choice and it isn't Med School they want either. With students facing fees next year of £9,000 a year, are we really being fair.
    No doubt GCSE's will also see "better than ever results". We will have reports of students getting 12 A*. In my day, students did 8 or 9 O levels.
    I am not knocking any student who has done well but there must students who have done well this year who would have done equally well 10, 20, 30 years ago and students who have done well this year who 10, 20 or 30 years ago would not have achieved such high results.
    Are we creating fairness or making it harder by having so many pass.
  2. Just watching a news report about a girl locally who has got 8 (yes, EIGHT) A* at A level.
    Nuff said!
    (PS - my son has just done them so I don't pass opinion from a distance)
  3. I have many theories about the continued improved results....(a) Pupils are better at studying (b) the take many exams modular so there have more opportunity to improve grades and revise in smaller chunks instead of the whole syllabus at the end! (c) They take exams earlier, a girls I know sat her RE in Year 9 and started her GCSE papers for Maths in Year 8! SO by the end of Year 11...they have 10, 11, 12 even 13 GCSE's!!! (d) We drill them more for tests, I am sure at senior level they spend a lot of time looking at questions and ways to answer them in order to hit the right points (we do it at Key Stage 2 level, most of the maths SAT questions are very similar there are only so many ways you can ask the same thing!!) (e) Generally I think many pupils are really clued up and those who want to do well realise that they need good results.....so work hard and revise well. (f) The evolution of the internet - helping with course work, research etc makes it much easier to study than using old books. (g) Lots of interactive resources to help support learning are more readily available (h) Pupils who can pass with a good grade are encouraged to enter for exams therefore pushing up the pass rate.....those who maybe want to do a subject but maybe are not as good are pushed into other areas (I) the emergance of many other A level options that I never even thought of..Photography, Graphics, Media etc etc
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Results have gone up, so exams are easier and education standard have fallen.

    If results went down then clearly education standards will have fallen.

    Standards can never be seen to go up regardless of exam results, so no point fretting about it.
  5. lardylady

    lardylady Lead commenter

    I saw that too, and was flabbergasted. How would anyone have time to study for 8 A levels? When I took my A Levels (1985), one of the brightest in my year achieved 5 A levels, but that was considered very unusual, plus one of those was General Studies, which everybody seemed to get by default and had no real value. And what's with the A* grade? Surely an A is the ultimate grade!
  6. I was just wondering whether yet another increase is a true reflection on ever increasing standards, children being coached effectively to pass exams etc.
    What ever is the case so many children now fail to get into their first choice University when on paper they have fabulous results. This year, failing to get into their desired course could mean a much larger debt !.
    I don't what the answer is and it must awful for those who haven't got the grades when they see headlines of yet another bumper pass rate. However with so many now passing will we ever see headlines of 100% pass rate - I am sure we will.
    Maybe before long our poor A level students will be forced to sit an entrance exam to get into University regardless of having 10 GCSE A* and 4 A level's at Grade A !

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