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A level requirement

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by brambo, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Past statistics state quite clearly that pupils starting AS Level Maths with levels of B or below have little chance of achieving a grade of C or higher. I think that given you can achieve a grade B at GCSE without getting any questions correct at A or A*, let alone many at B is hardly a proper foundation for doing AS Maths.
    I wish that all places would make it a A/A* entry for AS Level.
    What could happen is that pupils who want to do AS could do a transition course if they attained less than A/A*.
    And to be honest, some are now struggling at AS with an A grade as they have often achieved a grade A with little understanding or ability at the higher level work and their algebraic manipulation is very weak.
  2. Guish

    Guish New commenter

    That's an excellent point. I don't think the GCSE grade gives a good indication of whether the student can adapt to AS.
    I have students who score A* in IGCSE Maths but get E in Add Maths. An obvious gap is seen here.

    There are some students who find Maths boring and are more effective in Add Maths at that age. I was one of these students. Those planning to do form 6 Maths could do a course dealing with algebraic manipulation only to fine tune their system before the AS/A level course is started. Candidates showing strong interest in the subject but with no great IGCSE could be asked to do an entrance examinations based on Algebra. In that way, those who really want to do the course can learn their algebra and come back. I tried that with one candidate who didn't do Add Maths but wanted to join the IB HL group. He learnt his Add Maths stuff during the holidays and sat his entrance exams just before school resumed. He's the best Maths student in the class right now.

    In that way, we'll know who is really motivated to do the course. Eventually, we can clearly point out to students that those who show little progress throughout for example, half a term will be asked to quit.

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