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A Level pupil has lost his coursework. Is there any hope?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by BrianUK, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    A pupil has misplaced/lost his ICT coursework. Is there any hope for him?
  2. Does he have no backup at all? Was none of the work done on school machines, and were these not backed up? Ultimately, I reckon he needs to pull his thumb out and get on with doing it again.

    As I often tell my own students, 24 hours before my final degree project was due in (not my big dissertation, but a fair chunk of work) a power surge took out my PSU, HDD, RAM and motherboard. The only choices were to fail a compulsory module, and hence my degree, or rebuild a machine out of spare parts and do the best job I could in the time I had.

    The kind of student who would email me and tell me that in the holidays right up against the deadline is the kind of kid I would struggle to believe...
  3. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    I would agree with the suggestion that this is somewhat unlikely and rather convenient. Perhaps the dog ate the coursework before it got lost, and the hamster nibbled through all the backups.
    You could also point out that as he has already done all the actual work and thinking process parts, reproducing it shouldn't be that difficult. It can also be an advantage - starting again with the experience gained often leads to a better result.
    Of course, if he hasn't been bothered, has spent the holiday on facebook or the XBox 360 and is spouting pathetic excuses, it will be rubbish.

  4. Hang on. You have seen their coursework from time to time? You have taken parts in and maybe given feedback? You have checked they are doing backups? You might be able to negotiate with the exam board, but you need to phone them up and discuss it.
  5. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    His last backup was made in March and he has the work up to that time. We also have 3 submitted sections that have been marked. He is a diligent pupil and I am confident that he is not bluffing. He scored a good A grade at AS level too. Julie, I will take your advice and at least try to negotiate with the exam board.
  6. SageDerby

    SageDerby New commenter

    When is the exam board's deadline? If it's the 15th May he should still have time to sort it out.
  7. I agree. What exam board do you do? If it's AQA and he's done the first three sections, then the Testing and Documentation and Evaluation can be done in a week if he works solidly (I assume he still has his solution?) he is obviously panicking so I'd concentrate on getting him focussed-this can be fixed! Good luck
  8. Of course, the more radical approach is that you submit a mark projected from the work you marked already or just submit the mark he got so far and hope they don't ask for it in the sample.

    If they do, you can say that it was lost then and give an alternative piece of coursework from a candidate with a similar mark and even submit a form 15 if you want to be 'extra'.

    Outrageous cheating but what's really fair?
  9. Personal integrity and yourself don't really go hand in hand, do they?

  10. It's called "being a team player." You do exactly as you are told or they show you the door.
  11. Never done it myself.
  12. ....and if you get caught, they show you the door ;)

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