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A level music AQA help please

Discussion in 'Music' started by murphy01, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hi I have been approached by a student from another school (through a mutual friend) who is currently struggling with their course. He is the only one studying at A level and my impression is that the lessons are few and far between.
    I have offered my resources but have since found out that he is following AQA and I use Edexel. I wondered if anyone can help. This student is in year 13 , although resitting parts of the AS - the exam i think and wants to study music at Uni. Any resources/support would be greatly appreciated
  2. What set work is he studying? What composition brief is he doing?

    Does he have the Rhinegold study guide?
  3. Hi
    The option for Unit 1 is British Popular Music from 1960 to the present day and an analysis of Mozart's Jupiter Symphony.
    For A2 Unit 4 the option is English Choral Music in the 20th Century and an analysis of Vaughan Williams' 5th Symphony.
    I will ask him about what published resources he has availble to him
  4. Can anyone help, please
  5. Nobody!!!

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