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A Level Maths Textbooks

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by schminke, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. schminke

    schminke New commenter

    Are people's departments investing in sets of new textbooks for the new A level?

    We don't have any money to do that so are going with one of the online versions as a compromise. Plus we'll still be able to use bits of the old textbooks.

    Some members of our department are horrified at the idea of not buying each student a copy of an up-to-date textbook (as a loan for two years).

    What's everyone else doing?
  2. munkster

    munkster New commenter

    CGP textbooks are pretty cheap (c.£10 each to schools I think?) might make it easier? We're going with OUP textbooks (Edexcel) and using the old editions for back up (assumed that the new versions of them would largely be re-hashes of the old one, call me cynical).

    Either way, the theory goes that the new courses shouldn't need new textbooks though but yes, it probably "looks better" if using a current textbook.

    I know that a former school of mine requires students to buy their own textbooks. Maybe a bit late to be asking that for this Sept but they seem to make it work.
  3. schminke

    schminke New commenter

    Yeah, we wondered about giving students access to the online version and suggesting they buy their own hard copy if they want.

    Have you been given some extra budget to buy the OUP books? Will your students take them home?
  4. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    We were faced with asking students to buy their own (never done it before but lots of other departments do) but then we saw the £350 deal from Pearson. Up to 100 students get a log in for all 4 A Level & 10 FM textbooks, teachers can see the ebooks too, but also get front-of-class interactive books (all 14) which work really well on a projector as you can enlarge elements of the page easily. Plus assessment materials and CPD support. So for us that's £3.50 per student per year. Bargain!
  5. schminke

    schminke New commenter

    Bargain, indeed! Do you think students will be disadvantaged by not having a physical textbook?
  6. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    They are welcome to buy them from us at cost price, or get them full price online, and we will have a class set of Pure and Applied in the classroom in case the teacher wants to hand them out. But for homework, no, they usually have markschemes on their phones anyway, so the textbook on a tablet will be no hardship.
  7. madoldbat

    madoldbat New commenter

  8. madoldbat

    madoldbat New commenter

    I think this is a good deal too. I was looking at the CGP book - £15 for the complete A level is much cheaper than others but I have decided to buy Pearson Digital. Our students don't choose to use a physical book and they will be able to access all the resources electronically.
  9. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    We've got some CGP £15 ones as well just in case we need them for practice etc

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