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A-level interview lesson help - just had a disasterous experience

Discussion in 'Geography' started by e26, May 21, 2012.

  1. e26


    Hi people -just seeing if any kind people could give me some ideas for my interview lesson on Thursday.
    I had an interview today and it was an absolute disaster. MY LESSON POWERPOINT WAS NOT ON MY USB!! nightmare! My 'lesson' was therefore a disaster, as I had no other resources, and it was only supposed to be 20 mins. They told me that my whole lesson plan etc wasn't good enough anyway - they were totally right - it was rubbish. I am so stressed just now because applying for jobs at the same time as preparing for interviews. I was up til 1.20am this morning finishing an application.
    I've been out of teaching for a year (currently doing daily supply which doesn't involve much teaching) and this has really knocked my confidence, as I performed so appallingly today. I used to be good!
    Anyway, so my lesson on Thursday has to be fantastic! The brief is -
    Small A2 group
    30 mins revision lesson (but provide one hour plan)

    The lesson
    will centre on one, some or all, from:

    Basic climatic characteristics: temperature, precipitation and wind; Air masses affecting the British Isles; Origin and nature of depressions. Weather changes associated with the
    passage of a depression; Origin and nature of anticyclones. Associated
    weather conditions in winter and summer.
    Any ideas however small would be appreciated! Thanks :)
  2. I ALWAYS (always, always) have several backups on interview. I have my lesson (+resources, even if they're already printed out) on my USB hard-drive, and also a copy on the USB stick on my keys. I always email myself a copy of the powerpoint and resources the night before too - you can't be too careful.
    You should also make sure that you have any videos in more than one format, just in case the computer system doesn't like the one you've chosen too.
  3. e26


    Yeah I usually do that too! But I didn't this time. I will be uber-cautious from now on.
  4. Check out the latest synoptic chart and plan you lesson around what is happening outside. At the moment there are a few depressions around. You could get the class to work out what stage is going on now . Might not work if the high coming down from the Arctic has reached us by Thursday. You could make a living geography resource for different stages of the depression. The fact that the air affecting us is changing this week lends itself to a lesson on air masses.
  5. How did it go in the end e26?
    Hope it was a better experience for you.

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