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A level ICT taster

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by kimcarlyle, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Has anyone got any good ideas for a taster lesson for year 11 pupils thinking about doing A level ICT please? I have to run this session and I'd appreciate some inspiration.
  2. I get them to make a Drag and Drop game (based on DJPs resource in the resource bank) as a significant portion of Y13 is based on creating a Flash product. It's a bit of a fiddle as most of Y12 is about writing essays, but if we did half an hour of that then we'd never get anyone to sign up!
  3. Are you talking about straight A Level or the Applied? Think HappyHippy is referring to the Applied. Would depend on the exam board - for straigh A level I give mine a course overview - show them past projects and exam papers. I have a presentation I could mail to you if you like - we do WJEC. Then I have an activity where in pairs they choose 10 internet terms from Teach-ICT and give the definitions to one another and all try to guess the terms.
    For the Applied (Edexcel) we again give a course overview and show past projects - stressing that there is a lot of writing in the first year - the last thing you want is students taking it because they think it's going to be all about making exciting things on the computer. We then used one the of the Unit 3 spreadsheets - the roller coaster one with all the data imported and they have to try to find the best solution.
  4. Thanks to all for taking the trouble to reply. We do AQA ICT (I should have made this clear originally) but the WJEC presentation would be apprecaited as I could see the sort of things you ell them. My email is kimcarlyle@gmail.com. Thanks.
  5. While I appreciate that you don't want to mislead the kids too much, I would be wary of 'talking at them' too much. The day is (IMO) largely a marketing exercise and other subjects WILL be doing what they can to get bums on seats.
  6. Hiya

    I love the sound of this drag and drop game.

    Would you by any chance be able to send me the resource


    many thanks
  7. Search for 'flash drag drop' or similar :)
  8. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

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