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A' level history without GCSE....

Discussion in 'History' started by Rosylee, May 24, 2011.

  1. Please could you advise if it is possible for a student to take A'level History without first obtaining the GCSE?
    Have you taught any students in this situation?
    I am asking on behalf of a year 11 student who knows he made an error in GCSE selection by not choosing History. He is interested in History out of school and sits at the top end of his year academically.
    Many thanks
  2. Have to agree, I have had an AS student this year who had not studied History at GCSE. She is on track to get an A for the Henry paper. She is also studying English Lit at AS and has accomplished written style which helps. I have to admit I also enjoyed the fact that she didn't lazily fall back on the B word which too many of our GCSE students do when looking at the sources for the AS module. I have to say though that it has taken a lot of time to convince those doing English at AS that plans for their essays need not to be crossed out at the end!
  3. I will accept students without GCSE history for A level and IB, I generally interview them and will look for enthusiasm, a love of reading (or at least willingness to read widely) and a good English GCSE. One of my highest achieving students last year skipped GCSE History.

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