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A LEVEL HELP - F961 Stuarts and the origins of the civil war

Discussion in 'History' started by PEACENIK81, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hey All,
    I'll be starting a new teaching post in September and will be teaching A level History for the first time. I've sorted out some resources and have done a fair bit of reading on the stuarts and the civil war but I am having difficulty putting it together to create a schemes of work. I am humbly requesting you all out there for some guidance to get this schemes of work together, any key points, enquiry questions will be of great help. Thanking you in advance

  2. Hi, I've taught this period at a level for about 10 years now and have plenty of resources. I'd be glad to help - what exam board are you.
  3. Hi Elle,
    The exam board we're following is with OCR, any help would be much appreciated - your a star!
  4. Hi, no problem. I'll be home later this week and will have a quick look at the OCR spec first as I'm with aqa. I'm sure it's pretty similar. Do you have many books/textbooks? I can recommend some if you like. Is it possibe to email me privately on this site? Rather than posting replys on the forum. Elle
  5. Don't know if it's too late PeaceNik - I can send you my SOW and any resources you need (I teach OCR too). I'd recommend going on an INSET too so you know exactly what the mark scheme is like. OCR are quite picky about exactly how to answer exam questions.Send me a message with your email and whatever you're looking for and I'll pass it all on.
  6. Hey, I've left messages for both yellowledbetter and ellerickards,
    hope to hear from you soon.
  7. Hello - just reviving this thread in the hope that somebody (Elle... or Yell..., are you there?) might be able to recommend any good books, websites, etc for OCR Unit F962 Exploration & Discovery c1445-c1545? I'd love some kind of good basic intro.

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