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A level French subjunctive phrases anyone?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by FrauSue, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. FrauSue

    FrauSue New commenter

    Try giving them phrase starters that they can then slip into different topics. "Bien que de nombreux experts soient de l'opinion que ... ", "Malgre qu'on ne puisse jamais predire ce qui se passera dans l'avenir, ...", "Il faut que les gouvernements du monde sachent que ..." ,"Si bizarre que cela paraisse, ...".

    Just some ideas. See http://www.french-linguistics.co.uk/grammar/subjunctive_w... for some good example sentences too.

    Apologies for lack of accents and/or errors - I am on half-term brain power!
  2. You might find something here: http://www.lepointdufle.net/ Just type in "subjonctif" in the search box.

    FrauSue, although you would probably hear it quite a lot in France, you can't actually say/write "malgrè QUE" (always without "que"), you should use "bien que" + subj. instead.
  3. *Wrong accent, I meant "malgrÉ"!
  4. FrauSue

    FrauSue New commenter

    Thank you, clabole - I have learnt something new today!
  5. That's wonderful, thank you! I am forever impressed at how lovely this forum is compared to others :)
  6. pour que ... is fairly easy to get into an essay...

  7. I always like "Quoi qu'il en soit" which means "be that as it may....."

    introduced it to my top set yr 10 class for them to learn and they said "what does be that as it may even mean in english?".........i despair.......!
  8. This should now perhaps be re-titled GCSE rather than A level.
  9. vacherin

    vacherin New commenter

    How true!

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