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A level Fine art - Unit 3 essay writing!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by jennyblox, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Hi!
    Does anyone know where i can get any good resources or info to support my A level group with their extended essays in Fine Arts?
    Im an NQT, its my first time teaching A- level so any help would be greatly appreciated![​IMG]
  2. Hi!
    Does anyone know where i can get any good resources or info to support my A level group with their extended essays in Fine Arts?
    Im an NQT, its my first time teaching A- level so any help would be greatly appreciated![​IMG]
  3. shavenhobo

    shavenhobo New commenter

    Not a clue, I set essays last year based on questions I made up which I felt were specific to each students project. I am not even setting essays this year as the AQA training I went to said that the word count alone could be hit with sketchbook annotations alone.
    I contacted our English department and they were quite helpful with material. I felt cruel setting essays last year which are really quite difficult to mark given the AOs, instead I set a few magazine based tasks where students compare artists work. A few of them each half term at 500 words each hits the word count [​IMG]
    I'm an NQT too
  4. hi which exam board????
  5. i am continuing with an essay already set by the department, I have examples of previous papers but would have liked to have seen some resources out there[​IMG]
    your suggestion of contacting the English department is a really good idea thanks !!!
  6. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Perhaps a step guide on what is essentially required to be in the essay to get a decent grade. Some te to be wholly descriptive and get it confused with analytical work.
  7. Hi,
    I have just read your blog and would be interested in any examples you have for the current AQA GCE unit 3 written element. Is there any chance you could upload them into resources?
    Kind regards,
  8. Hi I saw you gave someone help with essays just wondered if i could tag along, just joined a school and it s their first year of having a level and we're edxecel.

  9. I too would be extremely grateful if you were able to send any help sheets.
  10. I would be grateful for any help too. I am teaching A-Level (edexcel) for the first time this year.
    Thank you.

  11. I have just posted the worksheet I give my students to help them structure their personal study writing. This is with Edexcel.
    its here:
    Hope it might help
  12. Go to Tate Modern and download a copy of a booklet called Ways of Seeing. It has different catagories for analysing artwork and can be used as a framewaork for essay building. I would ask the students to select 3 or 4 artists to support their practical work and then do a workshop with them using Ways of Seeing guide. they should gather enought contextual understanding to write their essays from this.
  13. im the same i would love that info could you send that to me too thanks fi
  14. Lucieb40

    Lucieb40 New commenter

    I also agree with cariadwch. In the past some of my A2 students have written their essays then chosen to present them in creative ways. One wrote about landscape textile art and used an old map book, another wrote about the human body iin art and presented her essay in a book about the body as well as projecting the written words onto her friend and photographing. Its important to present a well written essay but that doesn't mean it has to be presented just as a printed document.
  15. I know this is two years down the line, but thank you!
  16. Hi everyone - great discussion! Just thought I would let you know that I have written several articles to help students / teachers with the Personal Study that is required for CIE A Level Art and Design (located here: www.studentartguide.com/.../artist-studies). The CIE Personal Study is a bit different from that required for different examination boards, but there are several overlaps. I have written a broad overview, advice for topic selection and then provided detailed help with the writing etc. Articles about images / relationship between text and image are still to come! Hope that helps :)
  17. Some awful advice at the top of the page but you can't have everything. Some people should try reading the syllabus and then they could see that the AQA requirement is for a piece of continuous prose which must be separate from the annotation. And treating it as a separate thing or doctoring it up by projecting it on some one's leg is not going to lead to a better grade so it really does need to be relevant. In my experience a lot of students who are thinking up the next fancy way to present their work are better off developing their skill and technique in practical work. If they have listened to anything at KS3 and GCSE level then they should have an idea on how to write about Art for God's sake. Ta ta for now. Watch out for that cat pigeons.

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