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A Level English Literature Help!

Discussion in 'English' started by anon3946, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Which module is this for?
  2. seaviews

    seaviews New commenter

    Start with how they are going to be assessed, what skills you need to teach them and work backwards from there.
    Read the exam specification - this will tell you what they need to be able to do with the text.
  3. It's the OCR AS English Literature. ANy ideas/resources will be much appreciated. :)
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. I have written up student speak assessment objectives; what theya re expected to demonstrate etc. Any ideas on ways into the play 'Translations'?
  5. I mean, what module, not exam board. What's the overall purpose of studying these two texts- what do they need to do with them?
  6. Well, why don't you forget about all that 'assessment objective/ scheme of work' blather and read some more Friel as well as some Friel criticism? He's a brilliant playwright and worth getting to know. 'The Art of Brian Friel', Elmer Andrews (Hampshire: Palgrave, 1995); 'Brian Friel: Decoding the Language', Tony Corbett (Dublin: The Liffey Press, 2002); 'Brian Friel: Essays, Diaries, Interviews: 1964-1999', ed. Christopher Murray (London: Faber, 1999); 'Brian Friel in Conversation', ed. Paul Delaney (Michigan: Ann Arbor, 2000); 'The Achievement of Brian Friel', ed. Alan Peacock (Gerard's Cross: Colin Smyth, 1993)' The Cambridge Companion to Brian Friel', ed. Anthony Roche (Cambridge: C. U. P., 2006).
  7. Hi, they are to study the whole play then write a critical analysis on an extract from the play.
  8. Hi, they have to study the whole play then write a critical analysis on an extract from the play.
  9. Thanks, I'm actually reading up on Friel at the moment. Read the play, now reading author background stuff. Was. Just wanted some ideas on how best to disseminate this info etc..
  10. For 'Translations', start with the Irish Literary Renaissance. Then move into 'linguistic imperialism,' the intellectual concept of the 'hedge-school', and HOW it dovetails with the Irish 'Free State' movement. That should get them thinking. Also, in purely practical terms, why not get your class, as a class, to write to Heaney? He knows him, and so you could dovetail 'Famous Seamus' with Friel. Lots of interesting possibilities there.
  11. There is general but useful stuff on Dorian Gray on Sparknotes, Shmoop and GradeSaver
  12. Hi. I am also teaching Translations for to a year 13 group and need to choose two other short texts to teach alongside it that are somehow linked. Ideally these will be some poetry and a piece of criticism.I am thinking some Heaney, but unsure which stuff would link best thematically with the Friel. Any ideas would be most welcome!


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