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A-Level English Language... uni. degree is Eng. Lit not Linguistics.

Discussion in 'English' started by Englishteacher7562, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Englishteacher7562

    Englishteacher7562 New commenter

    So...am thinking of teaching A-Level English Language at some point because I find the subject extremely interesting (been reading some Lang. textbooks). Problem is, I don't have an A-Level in the subject and I studied English Lit. at uni (not Linguistics). I'm also a bit apprehensive about the potential workload... how conversant with language theorists and language studies should a new teacher of A-Level be? The reading lists that I've seen are intimidating!

    So: Would you need an A-Level and/or degree specifically in English Language/Linguistics to teach English Language at A-Level?

    2. Is the reading workload (i.e. for subject knowledge) manageable?

    If anyone can help, thank you!
  2. englishtt06

    englishtt06 Occasional commenter

    Lots of Lit specialists teach Language and vice versa. I've taught it before (with my Lit background) and it was great - however, do allow time for research/reading as you go. You will always know more than the students, but as with all A Level planning, you will need chunks of time for development through the year (does your timetable/commitments allow for this?). I taught it in a department with some Language specialists which made it easier if there was a thorny issue or question (not many, I might add). As you're interested by it - that's half the battle! You will enjoy it (that sounded like a command, apologies!).
  3. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    You'll be fine. It's fascinating and tons of resources around. Check out universal English teacher (Google) for a taster.
  4. shakes16

    shakes16 New commenter

    A level English is more to do with English as a global language from what I was told by an English specialist a few weeks ago. FOr example the issues surrounding this and how we use language to create identities, variations of English on an international scale, and English acquisition. Paper 2 is spontaneous and scripted differences.
  5. tb9605

    tb9605 Established commenter

    I'm in the same boat - Lit degree and am now teaching Year 13 Lang (International A level). Last year (Year 12) was mostly language analysis and writing skills, so my background as a TEFL teacher and journalist meant it was pretty straightforward and not hard to be a few steps ahead of the students.... this year is a different story. I have to keep a glossary of terms on my desk and I've been having my wife test me on Theories of Child Language Acquisition in order to try to keep ahead!

    Good luck!
  6. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    Various courses on ‘A Level English Language for Literature Specialists’ (or similar titles) exist. All the materials from a past AQA one are available on e-AQA.

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