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A level edexcel unit 2 c1 experience of warfare in Britain

Discussion in 'History' started by ashleighharrison, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. ashleighharrison

    ashleighharrison New commenter

    Hi I start my nqt year in September and I am teaching year 12 edexcel -

    The experience of warfare in Britain 1854-1929; Crimea, boer and ww1

    I was just wondering if anyone had any hints/tips/strategies/resources on how they have taught it

  2. Hi,
    Good unit to teach. I tend to deliver booklets which go through the key bullet points. If you put your email address on I can send you these electronically. introduce course using clips from schama hisotry of britain and the conditions british people live in. Then the british beehive is always a winner here. For the Crimean there are good debates to be had using sources on the charge of the light brigade and the sinking of the supplies (i tend to do actiivities which lead to the circle of blame at the end apportioning blame. Both of these have been part a (sources only) exam questions so assess that way. With reporting i tend to go through the importance of howard russell and then give them examples of why his reporting cannot be accurate. then go onto nursing care - there is a fabulous debate about nightingale to be had at the end and a couple of the past exam questions focus on this.

    for boer - andrew marr's making of modern britain is great for 10 minute clips which are relevant. I tend to go through the main events then do a judgement graph consolidation exercise at the end. There are then lots of little bits on the media, the khaki election and the overall impact that work quite well.
    if you put up your email i can send you some resources. First world war is a lot easier - so many sites on battles and home front that you can easily adapt resources/get them researching key battles. Debates on haig work well - also doing an activity of haig in different years interests the stretch and challenge students as you can compare how they improved.
    Hope this is of some use.
  3. a good overall history of the first world war [in a single volume] is the book by the oxford historian, sir martin gilbert. istr, the title is like 'first world war - a history'
    i am on my second copy as the first got TOO dog-earred to use anymore.
    i think it would make useful background reading for a student wanting just one book on WW1.
  4. on battles and home front that you can easily adapt resources/get them researching key battles.[​IMG]
  5. Ireton

    Ireton New commenter

    I would suggest Tommy by Richard Holmes, indeed all his First World War stuff is excellent. Try comparing views from Blackadder/Oh What a Lovely War with Holmes' comments and those of Andrew Roberts et al. The book Hell riders offers an interesting view of the charge of the Light Brigade as does John Harris Gallant Six Hundred, though a bit out of date now. I also enjoy teaching impact and changes of air warfare and changes brought about through the Gotha and Zepplin Raids.

    Good luck!
  6. ashleighharrison

    ashleighharrison New commenter

    Thanks for your comments - I have managed to get hold of the books for relatively cheap on amazon! Your ideas have given me a lot of thought for how I may structure my lessons.
  7. I am also teaching this topic for the first time in september and have just stumbled across this thread. I have found some resources on English Heritage and have purchased the new student support materials which have been released. The idea of using schama is a really useful starter - the national archives - http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/victorianbritain/ - also have some useful resources.
    If anyone has any extra resources that could help that would be really useful. I will try to add or send resources as I find them

    Many Thanks

  8. Might be worth debating whether the tactics of the British Generals during WW1 were
    a) lunacy
    b) the only option available
    c) the only tactic they knew at the time.

    Blackadder goes fourth has some good comedy moments in relation to this.

  9. The role of Kitchener is quite interesting.

    Andrew Marr is Highly recommended
    WW1 in Colour is an excellent tv series.
    The role of the media prior to the war is also interesting.
  10. Hi, I am an NQT and am currently trying to put together a booklet for my school. Would it be possible to also have a copy of your booklet? Once I have complied some resources I can share them with you in return. It would be a great help. I have read a lot of books but struggling to condense down the information into what is needed.

    Kind regards,


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