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A Level Edexcel Coursework - ££££

Discussion in 'History' started by craig2410, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. craig2410

    craig2410 New commenter

    My students are writing the legacy A Level coursework and have submitted Part A. I've marked it and need my marking moderated (I am the only History teacher in my centre). I have five students. If any of you can help me (and we will pay you!) please inbox me!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Mara1821

    Mara1821 New commenter


    I am also in a one person History department. If there is only one teacher your work doesn't need to be moderated, this will be done by the moderator. I can understand why you would want it as this stressed me last year wondering if I had marked correctly but all was fine :) Currently marking coursework again!
  3. craig2410

    craig2410 New commenter

    This is my first time with this particular piece (and last time!) and I'm way more concerned about the Part A than the Part B which seems way more straightforward! Have you any sample graded papers I could maybe look at?

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