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A Level Economics Exam Boards

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Ska83gbr, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. I wouldn't say OCR is easy at all, but, it is the most well-respected exam board with regards to Economics.
  2. Nonentity

    Nonentity New commenter

    I second the idea that OCR is the easiest.....up to a point.

    Module 1 : concentrate a lot of the time on market failure. If possible teach to A2 level (but obviously don't tell the pupils that.)

    Sit the exam In January.

    Module 2: use newspaper articles a lot - this helps prepare the pupils for unit 4.

    Sit the exam in January

    Re-sit both in June along with either Economics of Work and Leisure (just make sure they know Poverty, Labour and wages and labour market failure.) In all probability that will give them the essay question. The data response question is easier than AS AQA Data Response.

    That gives you a whole year for A2 which is 100% case study based for Unit 4. Probably sit it in January. This leaves you 5 months for another AS or maybe even A2. Let's say the AS is Philosophy or Sociology or History - in other words unrelated directly to Economics.

    This gives a good case for UCAS.

    Summer time retake any modules pupils have less than 90% in.

    Grade A for everyone.

    Easy. Simple to follow. Pretty much guaranteed results assuming your school allows January sittings.

    Textbooks - experienced teachers know the drill. Buy the book by the person who sets the paper. If the paper does not match the book then sales will fall - therefore it HAS to.

    Case study - get the commercial analyses from Student Room, free.

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