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A level/diploma projects in physics and engineering

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by zoezoe123, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. I work at Salford University, where we are keen to develop material relevant to physics or engineering A level, or the Engineering diploma. The questions I have for you are as follows:-

    1) where there are boards that allow project work on the syllabus, where do you get your ideas and material from?

    2)What courses do still have project work on them?

    3) What type of resources are most useful to you?

    4) Are there resources not available to you that you would dream of having?

  2. Re your question 4)

    My son who did Physics A2 a couple of years ago really wanted a wind tunnel! I think he did a board called Salters Hornes and they certainly did a project for coursework. They had to decide on their own project and work on it. Very difficult and he drove us mad trying to think of what to do with the limits of school resources, hence the wind tunnel request.

    He's gone on do study Civil and Structural Engineering MEng at Manchester Uni and has all the resources he wants!

  3. Hmm thanks that piece of info was very useful-it's made me think...

  4. If it's any help to you, some of his friends did quite amazing experiments and their parents bought them various pieces of equipment to help them. If you've guessed that this didn't take place at a State school, you've guessed correctly.

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