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A-level Computing

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by fingertapper, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. fingertapper

    fingertapper New commenter

    Hi all
    I'm starting teaching A-level Computing in September. I've previously taught the AQA spec (maybe about 3 years ago).
    I'm thinking of running the OCR spec but wondered if anyone had any comments about either spec?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. The specifications have, of course, all changed since you last taught, so review each one very carefully.
    Did you consider the WJEC specification? We have taught the older AQA specifcation but switched to the WJEC during the change. The AS students have a straightforward board-set coursework project in the first year and the A2 students have a larger self-chosen project. The examined materials faithfully represent the specification
  3. OCR has no coursework in the first year and is excellent. After the slog of coursework for GCSEs and muppet qualifications, many will appreciate the breather. The second year is good too, with one major project and solid computing topics leading to one exam.
  4. fingertapper

    fingertapper New commenter

    Thanks for your feedback. I've taught WJEC A-level IT before and was unimpressed with the board in many ways. I think I'm leaning towards OCR due to some potential problems with running the controlled assessment at my school.

    If anyone has any recommendations for resources I'd love to hear them.


  5. May I suggest to sign up to the Computing at School working group. This way you can connect with lots of teachers teaching the A Level (all boards) - we/they would be delighted to help out.
  6. Hiya,
    We do WJEC Computing and WJEC ICT. They are completely different - very happy with the Computing, dispairing with the ICT. The Computing Senior Moderator did a phone conference with us to help out, we find the papers tough but fair, the marking is consistent and the content is accurate. Only issue is the length of the exam - a rush to get done by January (my college favours Jan modules)
    So I'd suggest you don't dismiss it as an option just because the ICT A level is teeth-grindingly frustrating!

  7. We do WJEC ICT and Computing and we are very happy with both. Computing is difficult as a subject, papers are tough BUT results are a good reflection of the candidates. The students are well engaged and the board set assignment is a well structured and easy to access. Candidates are usually very well engaged and enjoy the programming element.

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