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A level Chemistry text books (AQA)

Discussion in 'Science' started by found nemo, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Can anyone recommend any text books for AS and A2 Chemistry (AQA)? I currently have some OUP ones that aren't that great. I intend to order some inspection copies, but wondered if anyone on here has a particular favourite. I liked the Heinemann ones for the old AS and A2 course, does anyone use the newer editions? Thanks
  2. Ssn77

    Ssn77 New commenter

    Lister and Renshaw (Nelson Thornes) is very good, and ties in very strongly with the exam. Any obscure bit of information asked for in a recent paper can always be found in it. Will not stretch bright pupils beyond the syllabus, but covers everything they need to know, is well laid out and has clear explanations. My pupils like it.

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