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A-Level Chemistry Grade Boundaries 2017

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by batesy89, May 1, 2017.

  1. batesy89

    batesy89 New commenter

    Hi Guys

    I'm sure most A-Level Chemistry teachers at this point have their kids sitting the specimen papers and collating results in order to find out where the students are at in preparation for the forthcoming exams but I was wondering what other people are using for the estimated grade boundaries for the A2 examinations. Personally I'm torn and not sure as to what they should be and I am currently estimating the boundaries to be as:

    E - 40%
    D - 48%
    C - 54%
    B - 62%
    A - 70%
    (A* - 78%)

    I'm worried that I could be well off the mark and it could be much higher.... Although then again it could be the other way. Would anyone else like to share their thoughts and gauge where their students are at?


  2. batesy89

    batesy89 New commenter


    I mis-posted earlier, the boundaries should be:

    E - 40% (120/300)
    D - 48% (144/300)
    C - 56% (168/300)
    B - 64% (192/300)
    A - 72% (216/300)
    (A* - 80% [240/300])

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