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A Level Business Studies

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by SteveD1895, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Unit 4 is 2x40 marks which is difficult for weaker students.
    On-line marking removes standardisation discussion which means it is (almost) to discuss nuance and style splus alternative appropriate responses.
    This is other people's perception
  2. I agree with the ridiculous results for BUSS3 this January but in my opinion AQA are still light years ahead of the other boards. Last year's A2 modules went without a hitch and grades were reflective of the students' abilities. This is still a new specification remember, it has been updated to reflect the ever changing world of business and make it relevant. Something that EdExcel could probably use.
  3. Choosing an exam board should not be about making your life easy as a teacher. It should be about getting your students a respectable qualification that prepares them for being successful in their chosen area of interest for the rest of their lives.
    With this respect, AQA have always been ahead of other boards through keeping their specification and assessment methods up to date and relevant, and increasing the difficulty of material over the course perfectly. It is common knowledge that it is harder to obtain a grade A at A-Level Business Studies than it is Economics. The stereotype that Business Studies is a "soft option" has been blown well out of the water and in actual fact is one of the more favoured subjects by Russell Group Universities.
  4. Sorry, did someone put 'well run' and Edexcel in the same sentence. That must be a first!
  5. Hi,

    I have been asked to map out a new SOL for the EdExcel A-Level Business Course. I am trying to find any exisitng SOL. If you teach this currently do you have one in place? Also is the course split between two teachers.

    We currently teach AQA. So if you want to swap resources then im only too willing to do so.

    Hope you can help.

  6. Nonentity

    Nonentity New commenter

    Any google search will show that the 'stereotype that Business Studies is easy' is still very much the case.

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