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A free js library for visualizing vectors, lines, points and their transformations in 2D

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by got_data, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. got_data

    got_data New commenter

    Hi math instructors,

    I keep a data science blog in my spare time, and to visualize certain linear algebra concepts, I've written a library (MIT license) that makes it easy to create interactive demonstrations that work in most browsers (mobile devices included). I think those of you who are familiar with the basics of programming can put it to good use. The library is called vtvt (vector transformation visualization tool), and it can be downloaded from github:

    I've already created a number of visualizations (which your are free to reuse if you wish), so rather than talking about the features of this library, I'll just link the demos. I think they give a good idea of what the library can be used for.
    Demo #5: unit circle transformation
    Demo #6: linear regression
    Demo #7: principal component analysis
    Please note, those are just examples — the library is very flexible and can be used to do much more (or less).
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