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A Flexible FS1??

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Dandalabra, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All
    My nursery nurse and I are really feeling the strain of the flexible offer as our contact time has increased greatly. In fact I've just worked out that the 50 minutes extra per day contact time equates to an extra 29 hours 10 mins every half term above what every other teacher in my school has! In effect, we're working an extra week every half term! This has had so many implications for us, reduced preparation time, no time for displays, no time to reflect on our practice, no time to meet as a team and plan ways forward.....we are both shattered and feel that we are not getting time to do what's important in the Early Years.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has felt the implications of the flexible offer as we have and what, if anything, has helped. I did read somewhere that the flexible offer was not supposed to have an effect on teachers' contact time and that there should still be alloted time available for practitioners to meet and reflect together [​IMG].....hmmmmm......it's not happening! Any ideas gratefully received.

    Happy Summer Holidays!

  2. I feel that the flexible provision had a detrimental effect on FS1. I chose not to work for time I wasn't paid for, but this meant that I came in half an hour later than the children and the rest of the staff. There was never any time for discussions, displays, tidying up etc. As soon as the session ended all the support staff understandably went off on their break/home - their time in school had increased for no extra pay. This was made up to them by fifteen minute daily breaks (which also caused problems). There was never any non-contact time to meet with the support staff and that would have really helped everyone concerned. I think that quality not quantity of time would be better - well better for the children anyway. I think the role of FS1 has become confused with being a childcare provider.
  3. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    We don't do it - as the decision pre-dated me being in post the whole thing passed me by somewhat so no idea what/if the reasoning was. Our F1 only runs mornings as part of our EY unit and a situation like some of you describe would be a complete nightmare. I suspect my HT may have filed the idea in his "load of b ...." tray.
  4. Many supply teachers when they do a day in F1/nursery get paid for 5 hours ,however actual session times are 6 hours now.. Many start at 8.30 so I am usually in at 8-8-30, then work till 11.30 with no break unless you ask for a toilet break. Lunch is 11.30-12.15 (well after tidying and preparing the room about 10minutes!!) then work through till 3.15...again staff don't seem to get a break unless you request it. I stay usually an extra half hour after the children leave so around 4.00. In all it's an 8 hour day for 5 hours pay sometimes ! My authority refuses to pay over 5 hours for a day's supply.[​IMG] I don't know how the full timers do it-bring back two and a half hour sessions-it was just right.
  5. The agencys haven't even cottoned onto this at all yet either - not even the fact that if they book you in for an afternoon in Nursery, it's very likely to be a much earlier start than the rest of the school's afternoon session. I made sure I knew what was going on, and I tend to arrive just after 12 if I'm in for an afternoon, but agencies are still oblivious to that and advising staff to get there for quarter to one.
    As for the breaks - I know it happens, it doesn't personally bother me (I'd rather be on the go on supply than being ignored in a staffroom) but it's a **** end of the deal for the full-time permanent staff.
    Lots of nurseries I've been in are coping with the afternoon setup by having the staff do it while one staff member holds the end of sesson story for the full class - seems to be the only way to stay semi-sane and have time to have a pee on a lunchtime.

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