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A difficult student

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by mediadave, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. mediadave

    mediadave New commenter

    Any advice? I have a year 11 student who was really pleasant and easy to get on with until half way through year 10; he was always saying hello on the corridor and was full of good ideas in lessons. He then started to lose motivation and was messing around a bit in lessons.
    Now he's started year 11 with an appalling attitude and is being very rude to me. He's crafty - he's avoiding doing anything major that he knows will get him into trouble, but every lesson is like getting a blood out of a stone in terms of work. He makes very immature and childish comments and whenever I have a dialogue with him I get nothing but one word yes/no answers, or shrugged shoulders. Last week I kicked him out of my lesson after he shouted at me for a sanction (he was talking) and since then my HoD has had him out of one subject; however I teach him for another subject and in that one he's been impossible with the short answers and poor attitude.
    I have no problem handling difficult children when they're misbehaving but when they're being uncooperative and are refusing to admit that what they're doing is wrong, I struggle. He's not contrite in the slightest. Moreover I have a tendency to take it personally (something I need to work on, I know); I'm feeling stressed by it because I just can't understand why he's suddenly got such a profound hatred for me. I know some kids bear a grudge but there's no real reason for this one other than concerns over his work and things.
    Any advice?
  2. The last to do is to take it personally and give the image that whatever he has said or done has bothered you. Just keep doing the right things such as praise, carrying out sanctions. Have you spoken to a parent/carer, could there be a problem at home? If you haven't yet give them a call and explain that little Johny is not going to go on achieve the great things he could because of his current attitude. Sometimes its just part of the course for some am afraid, the hormones kicking in can give some a terrible attitude.

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