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A design agency at a school

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by muscat88, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,

    First post here, great to join the forum. I'm a Communications Design teacher at an international school in Austria and have applied something a little different to my classes. My background is a mixture of creative agency and education and I've combined the two by making my class as close to the creative scene as possible ( aside from the coffee, black suits and late dinners...).

    I start off by presenting the students ( designers) a brief. They are then split up into 3 or 4 different agencies with job roles for each of them, Creative Director, Art Director, Layout Artist, Graphic Designers, Senior Editor and Copywriter. The model is working well and they seem to love a bit of competition to see who can 'win' the pitch. I also give them tips and workshops on effective project management to try and reduce the calls of " I'm your director and you must do as I say"!! When I question whether this is the right approach to get the most from a team, the reply is "Well, they do this on The Apprentice...hmm....'nuff said.

    At the end of the project, each group must 'pitch' their work to the class. Although there is an element of competition, a great deal is placed on team work, concepts and time management.

    I've also set up a creative group called brightSPARKS, a discussion and practical group who will start to come together and get more involved in the local scene and agencies around our school in St. Gilgen.

    An emphasis is placed on conceptual work before even sitting behind the Mac, this way they learn both sides before hitting the tech.

    The website for the agency is : http://www.agencyatstgilgen.blogspot.com
    School website: www.stgis.at

    I'd love to get your thoughts, and if there are any design teachers that would be interested in hooking up whereby one groups of students take care of the brief or concept, the other the execution for example, then I'd be curious to see what possibilities may exist.

  2. welcome,newbie from Austria. your project sounds realy good have you thought about trying to get it in DATA practice or in any publications, as new ideas?If you need help post back and i can make a few calls.

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