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A day in the life of a teacher

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by arl17, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. arl17

    arl17 New commenter

    I'm really curious to see how other teacher’s working days look. We’ve been back 2 weeks & I’m exhausted & feeling really low. My days are just a rush, from getting up at 6 or before, shovelling my lunch down during our now 40 min lunches, to coming home absolutely shattered each day before starting all the housework (cooking, washing, etc) I would love to have some time to go out and make some friends, and just enjoy some time to relax. Anyone else in the same boat? It really gets me down sometimes, I feel like this isn’t what I want my life to be like. Any tips on making friends and making more time for yourself? Thank you!

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Look for something you'd really like to do - a choir or a book club or a running group, whatever. Join it and put that into your weekly timetable and on that night, do it. Sod the housework, juggle your marking - on that night you go out and do something for yourself that is enjoyable and healthy and good for you.

    Teaching can and will take over your life if you let it. Start the fightback in a small way and stick to it.
  3. harpplayer

    harpplayer Occasional commenter

    LOL. I absolutely hated the first term after the Summer in the UK. Everyday was the same round of getting up at six, rushed breakfast, rush into work, run around until five at ninety miles an hour doing often pointless jobs along with teaching and meetings and dealing with endless mobile phone and behaviour problems, then getting home, eating a rubbish meal, sleeping a few hours, wake up exhausted, prepare for the next day for an hour or two then crawl into bed a wreck. And repeat. What a way to live your one life. I hated it, and all for about £2200 a month take home. As the year went on, you got used to it, but more pointless jobs were invented by SLT so felt just as exhausted. You could never win.

    Dubai now after five years: up at seven, home by four, either one or two hours tutoring until six on four days, then free until the next day. Weekends are my own (I still tutor Saturday mornings). I teach seventy per cent of the timetable, have two meetings a week, have a shared assistant to help with admin in the department, the sun always shines and the aircon always on. Monthly salary in dollars is $4600 tax free which is topped up with tutoring eleven hours a week at $100 an hour (very wealthy families plus a minor royal). I feel blessed being a teacher and love the job.

    There really is no comparison.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  4. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    5.45 get up and faff about getting ready
    6.15 leave for work
    7.15 arrive at work
    10.30 half hour break
    1.00 half hour break
    2.30 half hour break
    4.30-6.00 leave work
    6.00 - 7.15 arrive home
    9.00 go to bed

    But I have neighbours who leave and return at a similar time to me and have the world's most boring (sounding) jobs and sometimes work at weekends. they also only have about eight weeks holiday a year.
    So, I'm knackered all the time in term time, but at least I have a fun and fab job.
  5. peakster

    peakster Star commenter


    5 - get up/have breakfast/feed my goldfish/put food out for the birds/annoy the cat...etc
    6 - set off for school
    6.30 - get to school - have a coffee and work for two hours.
    8.30 - registration with my brilliant form (not being sarcastic)
    8.50 - teach two hours
    10.50 - break
    11.10 teach another two hours
    13.10 - 13.45 - lunch - usually I don't have time to eat my sandwich.
    13.45 - teach last hour and then I usually eat my sandwich.
    3 pm - unless I have a meeting - go home
    4 pm - get back home after picking up my wife from work.

    I may then work an hour later on in the evening - on Tuesday I tutor a kid from another school.

    9 pm - go to sleep.

    I've been doing this for years - I don't really mind too much - used to it.
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  6. install

    install Star commenter

    Me - arrive to work 1hr before school day starts at 7.30am.Mark every chance I get -morning, at break, dinnertimes and after school for 1 hour.
    Leave at 4.30pm

    Then relax at all costs. No thinking about work under any circumstances.

    'To switch off means you can switch on'.
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  7. loranp

    loranp New commenter

    4:15 get up
    5:20 leave the house, drive to the train station
    5:40 train into the city
    6:40 bus to work
    7:00 arrive at work, make coffee, eat breakfast at my desk and prepare for the day
    7:50 registration
    8:05 lessons start. We do not have a morning break, and I get 25 minutes for lunch during our split period 4, so it's usually around 11:30am but could be as late as 12:25pm until I get a break.
    12:50-2:35pm - more lessons
    2:35pm children leave. I do planning or go to house/department/staff meetings
    3:30pm leave for the bus
    4pm train back
    5pm arrive back, get in car, drive home.
    5:10pm arrive home
    8:45pm go to bed.

    I'm moving much closer to my school at the beginning of October, thank goodness! And I teach in the US, hence the highly unusual schedule.
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  8. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    5.40 Cat sits on my head
    5.50 Get up
    5.51 - 7.00 Shower/ feed cat/ fuss cat/ eat breakfast/ watch Classic Corrie
    7.00 Leave house & walk to work (3 miles)
    7.45 Arrive at work
    8.45 Registration
    11.00 Break
    11.15 Lessons
    12.30 Lunch- I always go to staffroom to eat for last 20 minutes
    1.15 Lessons
    3.05 Kids leave
    3.05 - 5ish mark/plan etc
    5.00 Leave school
    5.45 Arrive home & the evening is all mine. Haven't brought work home in 30 years & ain't going to start now.
  9. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Get up when I want.
    Do what I like.
    Go to bed when I like.

  10. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    Don't rub it in!
  11. Progressnerd

    Progressnerd Occasional commenter

    I work in the independent sector:

    Alarm goes off 6:15

    Shower and leave at 6:45. In work for 7:20.

    Check emails and make sure I have everything prepared for the day.

    8:30 form -9

    Lessons until 11 then a 20 minute break (free coffee machine and biscuits provided)

    Lessons until 12:30 then lunch until 1:30.

    Lessons until 3:30

    Form period until 3:40.

    More often than not I leave between 4-4:15. Home for 4:45.

    Tend to go to bed between half 9-half 10.

    It's rare that I take work home - manage to get most marking done in school in my frees as we have a very flexible marking policy and are trusted as professionals.

    Now my 5 years in the state sector...that's a different story. I had no life and when i did it was filled with constant worry and fear.
  12. Catgirl1964

    Catgirl1964 Occasional commenter

    lardylady...love your cat! A Turkish van? Does he/she like going into water?
  13. sportysen

    sportysen New commenter

    I feel totally the same. Up at 6am, in school around 7:15/30am. Preparation/email time, briefing before school, 9:10am students in, break duty everyday at 10:30am then teaching until lunch which is 12:40pm. 40 min unpaid lunch break then teaching again until 3:15pm. Bus duty everyday until 3:30pm then a meeting or marking/planning until 5:30pm ish. Rush to pick up children. Lovely husband prepares dinner while I switch the laptop on for another couple of hours. Repeat for 3 days as part time but working far too many hours including on my days off and weekends.
    Really struggling this term already!
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  14. Boardingmaster

    Boardingmaster New commenter

    Up at 6.30 when the dog starts whining for breakfast
    6.30-7.30 walk the dog
    7.30-8.20 shower/eat/watch tv
    8.20-825 walk in
    8.30 chapel
    9-1.20mixture of lessons, marking, chatting in staff room
    1.20-2.30 lunch with colleagues. Go home get changed on short days (Tuesday, Thursday)
    2.30-4.30 rugby on short days, lessons long days (overall teaching load is twenty 40 minute lessons a week)
    Once a week 6-11 boarding house duty, other evenings free with usual marking etc, maybe an hour a day if ive been lazy during the school day.
    Bed at 10 when i can (rock and roll i know)
  15. surf kitty too

    surf kitty too Occasional commenter

    Up at 6
    Treadmill for 15 mins, shower, take dog for walk.
    Leave house just after 7, arrive at school 7.30.
    Photocopy stuff, and get all my equipment ready for day . Briefing at 8.30, kids arrive 8.45 then straight into teaching until 12.45. No breaks. Lunch is only 30 minutes but most of that is email, paperwork, prep for afternoon. Today I had 5 cherry tomatoes for lunch as that’s all I had time for! Carry on teaching until 3.15. Leave school about 4 unless meeting.
    Home, walk dog, cook tea, bit of work, watch tv, walk dog, bed.
    Repeat for 39 weeks
  16. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    6.05 - up and coffee
    6.45 -leave home
    7.45 - arrive at work
    8.15 - officially start work
    8.30 - breakfast club
    Lessons start at 9.00... duty at break, half hour lunch, half hour duty, then lessons till 3.40.
    16.00 - 17.00 - meetings x3 a week. Even without meetings, not allowed to leave till 17.00 everyday
    18.00 - arrive back home
    Feed kids and cats, help kids with homework, story and bedtime
    20.00 - Mark books etc
    23.00 - bed
    Then the game starts all over again!!
  17. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    No, he's a common moggy!
  18. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    6:00 Alarm goes off
    6:40 Leave house
    7:20 Arrive at work
    8:30 Children arrive
    3:20 Children leave
    4:20 I leave.
    5:00 I arrive home
    6:00 Cook dinner
    7:00 Start marking
    8:00 Read, play or make stuff
    10:30-ish Bedtime

    I can’t keep this up all year! As the term goes on, it gets harder to get up and into work that early. But I like being there in the morning before everyone else turns up as I get loads done and feel really ready for the day.

    Seeing that so other people’s schedules are similar to my own makes me feel better about what I do.
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  19. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    alarm 4.30
    bus at 5
    arrive at work at 6,
    planning, which mostly consists of editing printing and trimming worksheets and power points I've made before, until 8
    lessons until 3.30
    meeting, phone calls, detentions, interventions until 4.30
    tidy up, mark until 6.00
    marking that's not completed comes home on the bus with me
    home 7.00.
    eat and drink, probably for the first time that day, watch the news, until 8.00.
    mark until finished. ( which today was 10)
    unwind on TES until sleepy.

    I am EXHAUSTED, but I'm not sleepy.

    Including weekend work, its easily 75+ hours a week, closer to 85 many weeks, touching 90 at times.

    Its no way to live. I keep intending to stop living like this.
  20. suzuki1690

    suzuki1690 New commenter

    Corvus, thats not healthy, no one can keep that up. Getting up at 4.30? Working ridiculous hours. Find another job before you do yourself harm[/QUOTE]

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