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A couple of Nursery questions - please help!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by miss.d, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. I've just started my second term in Nursery. And I'm hoping some of you on these forums could help me with these questions -

    1. Ratios. I know it's 1:13. There are 26 children with a teacher and nursery nurse. Am I right in thinking that it doesn't matter if there are more than 13 outside and less inside? Or can each adult really be with 13 or less? We usually have one adult inside and one outside but the children are never in two groups of 13 seeing as it's free-flow. The head has been muttering about maintaining the ratio. Please help.

    2. I'm being observed for performance management purposes soon. What are you normally observed doing? A group time, a focus activity??

    Thanks in advance.
  2. 1. we don't maintain the ratio, but I know that some school do for outside and use bands or similar to do this (once all the bands are gone no more children can go out)
    2. When I have been observed in Nursery it has just been in general session time so it may include a bit of group time, a bit of child initiated learning, a bit of adult focussed learning. The main purposed being showing how I am using my observations of the children to improve interactions and enhance the enviroment to move learning forward
    Hope this helps
  3. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    We have done both the band system and total freeflow. The latter is what we do now.
    As for obs, I suppose it depends on your head. Both mine have been KS2 specialists and dont have a clue about EY. I tend to ask them to come in after registration, so that they see my small group letters and sounds (half the class, NN has other group doing same) and then watch me do focus activity with 1 group. If time I then move onto CI or observations etc. This CI time invariably ends up being a discussion with the head about various children and their development and not much observing of CI time happens. My feedback has only ever mentioned my direct teaching time and occassionally resources and environment.
  4. I have the luxury of having a head who is a nursery trained. When we are observed it is by two members of the SMT. They are observing the whole class and all members of the team. Someone is expected to be doing a focus activity, it can be the teacher but doesnt have to be, but usually is! They will want to know why we have chosen that activity - how it fits into the children's interests etc. They will be looking closely at the type of interactions used by the adult -open ended questioning, how we are moving the children's learning forward, differentiation etc. They will look at the class set up to ensure it is enabling for the children - they can work independently. locate and use resources. They will expect to see free flow play inside and out. They will be looking at the class as a whole -how involved they are in their play; if they appear confident and happy. This is how a nursery class should be observed and this can be difficult for a head who is not nursery trained because they may not understand that alot of learning is taking place whilst children choose their own activitiies

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