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A college in Darwin....

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Jolaaled, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. You could look at:

    There is a very strong and highly regarded Catholic education system in NT.

  2. Buttles

    Buttles New commenter

    Yasismum - since you applied Darwin house prices have (alledgedly) fallen 9%.
    And the Land of Oz has its own ticking time bombs of toxic loans and spiralling consumer debt which leads some to think a "market correction" is coming.
    I went into the Commonwealth Bank last week to read a sign saying now is a good time to buy because the Australian housing market is "softening".
    And the Aussie economy is 'flatlining' outside the minining sector.
    Tough times are coming down the Yellow brick road.
  3. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Yes, but I have a house in Sydney so wasn't interested in buying another one so was investigating the rental market. Prices were ridiculously expensive, prohibitively so. Shame as it is a great city. Humidity might also do you in if the expense doesn't though! I remember stepping out of the airport in Darwin and immediately my hands were sweaty. Wasn't even that bad in Singapore although it was the wet.
  4. Buttles

    Buttles New commenter

    I can't imagine Sydney was cheap and defer to your knowledge of Dariwn.
    How is the job market in Sydney?
  5. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    No, sydney is definitely not cheap but our house was passed on by parents. Lovely spot but wouldn't be able to afford to buy here either if it were on my own steam. The job market at the moment here is fairly stagnant. Heaps of casual and temp (long term casual) work around and that is how people seem to be getting permanent work. They do a long term stint as a temp and then if a permanent job opens up in that school, they are in a box seat to get it unless they totally mess up the interview. My nephew got a permanent position end of last year that way. Had been a temp for two years and then the position went to interview and he got it.
    Looking at the selection criteria for most positions that come up in primary, if you are a tech wiz and can act as computer coordinator or a music whiz and can start and run a school band, you are a shoe in. Not really too sure about how hard it is in secondary but I think the shortage subjects still seem to be Maths, Science and Special Ed.
  6. If the college to which you refer's name bears a passing resemblance to a mild curry dish then I gather that it is certainly an interesting place to work. With regard to Darwin; yes the house prices are high although softening a little. However Impex is on its way and prices might start rising again. I know Darwin is humid and the wet can take some getting used to, and the mozzies can be challenging. That said, I love Darwin and the NT and is wonderful place to live and work in.

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