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A Cautionary Tale

Discussion in 'Personal' started by dozymare1957, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    If your computer is running slowly it probably needs to be defragmented. You can get the instructions from the Internet. It's different for different OS's. I can do it for mine and I'm really thick so you'll be able to do it easily. Everytime you save a file it goes to some random part of your hard drive. It means that a document can be stored in several places on the hard drive. When you defrag all the bits of the document are joined together making it quicker to open it again. It's a bit like sorting your sock drawer. The defrag process takes a couple of hours so don't start if you're going to need the computer.
    I'm a bit confused about what actually happened. You Googled a virus and found one called Spyhunter from Enigma which automatically downloaded to your machine? You then bought some "fix" from a company called Enigma Software? This is just the sort of thing that I'd do and then I'd be in huge trouble with my son who would have to sort out my mess for me.
    The software company sounds decidedly dodgy to me. I think you might need to get an expert to get this software off your computer. It may be one of those types of software that attaches it to everything in your computer and just uninstalling it doesn't work.
    If you paid with PayPal or your credit card can you get a refund through them? I wouldn't communicate with Enigma again if I were you.

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