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A Career in a Pupil Referral

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by mmmo, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. mmmo

    mmmo New commenter

    As I follow the threads of what is it like, what can I expect, Is it worthwhile, is it dangerous, is it rewarding then I'd have to say yes it's all of these and more and very special people work there. I've just retired and put everything about everyday down in a poetry book, I found it Cathartic to write it all down and a second book is ready. It's Sad, Mad and Bad but so worth it if you are up to the challenge. As a previous Head Teacher and passionate Teacher Trainer I will miss the students but most of all I will miss the staff. It's truly the place for Team Players.

    Are the thoughts in your head as private as you think?

    Does your body language tell them your moods about to sink?

    When they come in through the door are you pleased to greet them all?

    Does you smile falter as they walk by small and tall?

    As actors on the stage we need to leave our worries home

    Don't let the family call us, don't let the lawyer phone

    it's our sense of motivation that helps us swim or maybe sink

    we have to overcome all tiredness, irritability to think

    We need our humour and compassion to rise above the rest

    we don't need to fuel the tension, stay calm to be our best

    If we can manage our behaviour, our thoughts will show outside

    and then our classrooms will be peaceful not mirror turbulence inside


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