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A boy ejaculated in my class today!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Misscynic, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Just read your post and the only comment I can think of is Holy ****!!
  2. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I'm glad something's being done.

    My God: a 3 year old nursery child saw him? That is truly appalling.
  3. Doglover
    Thank you for website!
  4. And my point is I *WOULD* feel uncomfortable in that situation but NOT because how 'big' he is, simply because the act is inappropriate fullstop. I still don't really understand how his size is relevant.
  5. In my job - and i'm sure all the other SEN people out there will agree, it is not unusual to see 'willies' in the course of the day, as we accompany children to the toilet or assist them at swimming or changing for PE. We do all we can to afford them their dignity especially when they have no sense of modesty. This young boy is so well equipped that it is impossible to do this. We do not wish to get that close in order to cover him up or hold something in front of him ( we do use screens but he is sometimes visible through them) Don't really wish to keep labouring this point as it is now making me feel uncomfortable. In principle, yes you are right, size shouldn't matter. In practice, in this case, it does. It scared the living daylights out of me - and my colleagues. At one point i was alone with him (i know it shouldn't have happened, but we do have staffing issues and people need to have lunch) and i had to attempt to get close enough to take something from him, I had to approach him from the side - enough said ok! Was it 'plainjane' who asked this? I'm not falling out with you, I understand why you asked this.
    As for the post that wanted to know what turned him on - well, he is a teenager with a high sex drive. In addition, he does have a trigger, don't really want to say what it is.
  6. MissC, glad to hear at least something is being done. This could be the lever you need to get the appropriate help. Hope the situation continues to improve - and good luck with that job application!

    PJ, all I can say is that as the mum of a teenage boy when I caught sight of my lad naked, for the first time in a long, long time, I was shocked to see what he had! It was a shock purely and simply because it makes you realise this is not a child, this is a man, albeit a young one.
  7. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

  8. lapinrose,

    yes, i knew that. Thanks

    thanks for comments - how are things going with your job application?
  9. I think his large protuberance may well be down to the fact that he is constantly spanking his monkey. This exercise regime may well be of use to some male posters.
  10. Erm, very slowly! Because there is another week to closing date I'm not doing much at all... I can't work unless I have a really tight deadline. Bone idle I am!
  11. MissC I am in support of you. Regardless of whether he has SEN or not, ******* in class in inappropriate. As I stated originally not just in terms of the rest of the class complaining, but also in terms of how vulnerable he is (and he is!)

    I appreciate that as part of working in a special school you have a more hands on job with all aspects of a childs life. However, and I will stress again, his ******* is inappropriate in class. His size is nothing to do with that, and that is simply the point I was making.

    I will bow out of this thread, because I have made my point (more than once), and I'd rather focus on the fact that things are moving forward since your original post. That is the important thing. Hope your HT continues to be more supportive, and that other outside agencies are able to help.
  12. Dinx - I know what you mean. I have a few hours and I'm still struggling to get going. I too perform best under pressure but i'm really pushing it this time.
    As you know, I am new to this forum thing. I am finding it all v interesting. Don't know any of the rules, are there any? I love a good argument but don't want to offend anyone. I have been very, very restrained. Let's hope I don't post after i have been hitting the wine - which I will be doing asap (after writing CV) then you might get the real me. They don't call me miss cynic for nothing. I'm on holiday tomorrow, so this is my Friday night.
  13. I cannot believe that the HT asked his mother to keep him at home for spitting, but not w*anking! God help us!

    Glad it's been sorted out though, just hope a permanent solution can be found, for his sake as well as everyone elses!
  14. This is gross.

    I don't think it is made up........sounds bit too true to me. And why would somebody wanna make up this kind of ****?

    I don't think you should have to put up with it. The lad needs help and you have to get on with the education of the others. This is "inclusinve education" gone too far. It actually made me heave reading this, let alone witnessing the event. Absolutely gross. I certainly wouldn't be clearing it up either. F***ing disgusting.
  15. OP....that is just GROSS!!!!!!!! Have you thought of resigning?
  16. It is by no means uncommon in Special.

    Usually you put up or shut up. That's what is expected and there are plenty of teachers willing to tolerate it. Those who don't like it just leave.

    I got to see a colleague's scars the other day. Same two kids inflicted them over several years. My kids are older and have some social skills so I'm OK but the little ones or kids with no language CAN be very violent.
  17. My god, that's disgusting. I have no idea what to say really, but you should NOT have to put up with that, and nor should the other children in the class. If the headteacher refuses to deal with it, you should get the police involved for everybody's sake.
  18. That's just what some of them do.

    Plus the girls who examine their sanitary towels in public. Or just chuck them on the floor.

    Most Special teachers just get on with it.

    It's the price you pay for not working in an exam factory.
  19. Thanks for recent comments - things are moving. Meetings have been set up, police, psychologists, mum etc. Boy has been excluded for one day plus long week - end for 'cooling off' period. Let's hope that things will improve. the last two weeks have taken the stuffing out of me. One post asked why I haven't resigned, simple, I need my salary.
    I am looking for another post however, shame really because I do like my job. I thought I was unshockable,but recent events, blew me away.
    Regardless of all that is happening, I would defend 'my kids' to the end. At the end of the day, i am so aware that these kids, ******* et al, are just someones children and but 'for the grace of god' they could have been mine. I have two boys and from day one, gave thanks that they were 'ok', and have never taken that for granted.
  20. Good for you, glad you have taken steps to deal with this.

    FLY hard, don't be a martyr. You actually shouldn't have to put up with it and the fact that 'most' Special teachers do is neither here nor there.

    There is a happy medium between working in an 'exam factory' and tolerating these kind of conditions. As so many other posters have pointed out, such behaviour wouldn't and couldn't be tolerated in a supermarket from an adult, so why tolerate it from a student in school?

    I am not disgusted or appalled, I understand that some people have severe needs and are largely unaware or not in control of what they're doing. However, certain acts are not appropriate or hygienic in public and this is one of them. We are not doing such children any favours in turning a blind eye to this behaviour.

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