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A boy ejaculated in my class today!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Misscynic, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Eiher that, or put a pair of boxing gloves on him!
  2. No, this boy has no siblings. Dad overseas, only Mum. I'm not the class teacher, i'm the HE teacher. I deal with him for 5 hours per week. My friend is the class teacher. She too, is very distressed.
    As for telling the parents,I overheard one of the support staff urge one of the other kids to 'tell his mum'. She is excellent, very caring and patient but she has had enough. In fact she is leaving the school, she has worked with him for 3 years!!!!!!!! I also feel like leaving, in fact I am presently trying to write a cv for a job application. It has to be in tomorrow. I'm finding it hard going. My mind has gone blank,I can remember my address and that's about it.
  3. Keep going with the CV, there are other jobs out there that don't involve boys ejaculating in public.
  4. madwoman

    madwoman New commenter

    I think you misunderstood me earlier when I said like it or lump it!( you seemed to go all huffy on me!)
    I meant that special schools are just expected to cope and are often used as a dumping ground where you are just expected to cope.
    When I worked in one this sort of thing happened fairly regularly (although not in as obvious way as your young chap!)
    I would put the events(s) in writing for SMT, they will HAVE to act on it, it is a child protection issue if nothing else!
    The chances are the young man has no idea that this is unacceptable, to him it may just feel nice! However, the fact remains that a) it is highly unpleasant for you, and b) highly unpleasant for the classmates, which should not be exposed(excuse the pun) to it.
  5. Hi Misscynic.

    To me, there are a million health and safety issues going on there and it's appalling that your HT has failed to protect you and the rest of the school, let alone class, appropriately. I am of the opinion that this young boys problem requires more specialist attention. Inclusive education is a wonderful idea and works for lots of sen people but some are simply too much for the school to cope with. This boy currently poses a serious risk, not to mention to the young girls in his school who may end up pregnant. Lets be honest - penetration isn't necessary for impregnation. With that much masturbation, surely enough of it might be on his fingers to be transferred should he again decide to put his hands between other pupils legs as you say.
    He poses a very real risk - please keep on at your HT, I don't see why you should have to leave your job because of it. Best wishes, Gress xx
  6. The Ed psych should be consulted, also the social worker. If he hasn't got a social worker then the duty officer needs to find one fast.
    This lad needs help. He should be removed from school and taught elsewhere until his behaviour has been modified, the other pupils' learning is being severely compromised and he is making staff miserable. I believe he needs to be referred to an assessment unit where a proper programme to help him can be drawn up with a multi disciplinary team. He is not being helped if he is allowed to behave inappropriately in such a socially unaaceptable way.
  7. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Difficult one, you need to check statement and with EP. I had an instance of a boy masturbating through his trousers when I did home tuition, I told hom he looked like a dog with fleas ans reported to the EP.
  8. I agree with the last poster. You and the class teacher need to keep up the pressure on your HT, and on your Union. HAve you tried your local rep and or regional office?
  9. Definitely not in the huff madwoman - i like to be challenged, even though you weren't. I know what you mean about being left to get on with it, but surely even my eejit (scottish word) of a HT must realise that there has to be a limit to what we have to deal with. There are so many of you out there talking so sensibly. I already have put everything in writing, I am recording everything, I am acting on advice of union,even though it is not making me popular with HT (do I sound bovvered?). Oh, I also quoted child protection to HT and asked if this was contravening the act and our moral obligation to report any risks to children, she didn't answer. yes, this boy needs to have access to real professionals, sex therapists and/or psychiatrists. It is incredibly sad but we all try to shore each other up and laugh when we can. It is just so good to sound off. I can't wait to tell my pal/the boy's class teacher that you are all out there being supportive. Ta!
  10. Angelil

    Angelil Occasional commenter

    God of gods.

    How does he appear otherwise (i.e. is he mentally sound in other areas of life?)? If he is mentally unsound in other areas, is there any possibility that he could be fully committed or at the very least merely educated in some form of mental health institution, where the professionals there would be better equipped to deal with him?

    Is there a possibility that he could be taught in semi-isolation (i.e. by a male member of staff, and/or by more than one member of staff so that danger is not posed by one member of staff being left alone with him?

    I think it's dreadful that your HT has not supported you as there are so many risks here.

    Good luck with sorting it.
  11. I have an all female staff. The union have told us to ask for a review of his risk assessment to be carried out and that we ask for him to be removed from our class until this is in place. He should be taught in a one to one situation and it should be done by management. This is what I asked for today in writing - watch this space!
  12. Surely there is some kind of medication he can take to reduce his sex drive?!
  13. does this not come into the category of sexual abuse of the other children in the class? i mean if an adult did it in front of a child it would be abuse, wouldn't it?
  14. siamesekitten

    you have just made exactly the same point that i made to my HT yesterday. - she did not respond.
  15. Disregarding all other people in this scenario; it is a fundamental breach of the lad's right to dignity, to assume that just because he has a learning difficulty he should be allowed to behave in this way. That is abuse, also.
    What is he being taught here? What does it say on his ILP? Is he masturbating because he is sexually frustrated, bored orbecause it is the only way he can get attention? How much language does he have?
  16. thanks for this new perspective! I told the HT that we weren't meeting his needs. I agree totally that this situation needs to be addressed for the boy as well as the others in his life. He came to us a few years ago from another school and just recently I heard that he had been doing this 5 years ago. Obviously, if the problem had begun to be tackled then with the right input, this situation could have been avoided. Society tends to be kinder to small children with special needs and seldom do they judge or look down on them. Sadly, once they reach their teens or indeed adulthood, the same compassion and tolerance disappears. He is in danger too. The police told me that if he takes his clothes off in public, they would arrest him, special needs or not. Whether they would charge him, would be another matter, but they would have to act on any public reporting. He attempts to take his clothes off in the playground, we are over-looked by houses. 3 of them are up for sale and taking a while to sell!!!!
    The boy has good vocabulary, good understanding,knows that what he is doing is viewed as being unacceptable but it would appear that he just can't help it. We were told to hold up a STOP sign when he does it. I ask you??? If I had only thought of that one myself!!!! Must try it with my other half.
  17. The fact that he has Fragile X is irrelevant to the anti-social behaviour he is presenting. This lad needs a referral to CAMHS. The school should, in the meantime, be putting together a risk assessment. If it is true that he 'cannot help himself' then I cannot see that it is appropriate for him to be in a class with other children. A child masterbating in class is not particularly unusual in EBD settings; to do so openly and frequently is, however, unacceptable disturbed behaviour for which he needs professional help. I am amazed that parents aren't making formal complaints.
  18. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    why are teachers so reluctant to ring the police?
  19. I'm sorry but this head has disgusted me. If I had a vulnerable daughter with special needs in that class and that was going on without me knowing about it, there would be hell to pay. It's abuse for an adult to do it, and if a child was consistantly doing it in front of siblings at home, it would be taken seriously as a Child Protection issue. Haven't you got a child protection teacher at school? Ring the intake team or your local child protection officer and ask them their opinion on the matter. Tell them you don't think it's abuse at home, it's a mental issue, but you are concerned for the safety of your children at school. You cannot let his needs overshadow what he is doing. If he is strong for his age, then I wouldn't feel comfortable in leaving any female staff or students with him.
  20. Having now read the whole thread and thought a lot more, I want to apologise if my very early postings were flippant as I hadn't really thought about the scale of this problem. It really shouldn't be happening; the other pupils and staff shouldn't be seeing this continually. But I can't think of any practical advice although one poster suggested letting parents know 'accidentally', and maybe things would then change for fear of publicity. How awful for you.

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