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A boy ejaculated in my class today!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Misscynic, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. If any of our students were exposed to such behaviour at home we would be calling social services.
  2. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    It's not gross indecency, but I would imagine it's indecent exposure or insulting behaviour, and those are criminal offences.
  3. No, this boy has no sense of modesty. we put screens around him to protect him but more importantly, the others.
    As for him fixating on female staff,no I don't think thats the case. In fact, I know it isn't. He inappropriately touched one of our support workers, she is 62! He gets his excitement from other things, won't go there! You don't want to know. Suffice to say, I thought i was watching a perverted, blue movie in my class. Very surreal, I kept thinking I was going to waken up from a very bad dream. Keep having flashbacks!
  4. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I think I agree with those who say he shouldn't be in a classroom with other people at all.
  5. 'a guilty mind with a guilty act', is how my o/h describes someone commiting an act of indecency (he is ancient william). But certainly he says what is going on is deeply inappropriate, adn should not be allowed to go on in a school setting.
  6. I think you're pulling my plonker!
  7. That's horrible that the other kids should be subjected to it.

  8. I also think your HT is a ******!
  9. Thanks to everyone who agrees with me. I was beginning to think I was going out of my mind and over-reacting. When you are working in a school such as mine, you see the most bizarre things each day and after a while you just think it's the norm but even this has offended and upset me. Funnily enough, I don't dislike the boy, he is quite funny, when he is not ******* that is. Having said that, I shouted at him today after he spat in the face of a support worker.
  10. oh really, realitychecker
    And......... is your plonker worth pulling?
  11. When you say he "spat"...?
  12. Saliva - just saliva!
  13. I teach young adults with SLDD. This lad shouldn't be allowed to behave this way in school. He would be arrested and charged with gross indecency if he behaved like this in public. He needs to be taught where and when it is OK to **********, and the school toilets or any public toilet is not OK. Are you the class teacher? What do the lad's parents say about his behaviour?
  14. I worked on a mixed sex psychiatric ward many years ago and actue mental ill female patients were raped by male patients. Funny how these men didn't know what day it was, but they new how to get their kicks. These women were not protected and I fear that the female members of your school are not being protected either.

    I've worked in a similar situation with a grown man who *********** night and day, it is actually very distressing.

    A quiet word in the ear of a parent would do it, or prompting one of your pupils to say something to their parents. Really, it can't go on.
  15. I think you're quite right to expose this boy's peccadillo.

    Oh, and on the question you posed regarding my plonker, I referred the matter to Mrs rc, and she enthusiastically replied in the positive.
  16. Slight concern..... does he have smallish sisters or even brothers?
  17. I think that is a big concern really. I wonder if he does this at home? If the parents realise that it continues at school?

    Also on the subject of confidentiality, Do people think the OP should consider having this thread pulled, as it may be possible for someone to identify the boy from what is on here.
  18. Think my last post needs to be treated with urgency. It ain't safe. End of.
  19. scottishgypsy

    scottishgypsy New commenter

    This is seriously not meant to be funny.

    Has anyone tried using a cricket box on this boy? I read in a book once for parents of SEN children that one parent (child had Downs syndrome I think) strapped a box onto her son to stop him being able to ********** inappropriately.

    Might be worth thinking about.

    My son, who has very severe learning and physical disabilities, is for ever trying to get at his ***** whenever we change him - in nappies all the time - and he thinks it is absolutely hilarious when he does manage to grab it. It is a boy thing I believe.

    But, whatever the difficulties, some sort of intervention has to be made.

    HT sounds like a ***** to me.

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