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A boy ejaculated in my class today!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Misscynic, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Bloody, hell, i hadn't considered the girl pupils. If he assaults one of them, there will be serious trouble for your school.

    furthermore, given that some of the girls may have communication difficulties, or even a limited idea of what constitutesa violation, how can you be sure that it has not happened, or been attempted already?
  2. From my own sen experience, very little training is offered in SEN schools, frequently people are thrown in at the deep end.

    We certainly weren't given special training on "what to do if a boy gets his **** out in class".

    If I had an SEN child, I would be very concerned about them going to school with this child- the best needs if ALL the children in the class need to be considered, and I don't think they are. He needs to learn his behaviour is inappropriate- and he CAN NOT do this in the real world, and maybe at the present time, your school just isn't appropriate. It's sad, but that is the case.

    You sound like you are trying to get everything sorted from your post- but schools protocols not in place/adhered to. The best avenue to go down may well be with union support.
  3. I have no idea about secondary schooling and regulations etc but surely at 15 this has to be addressed more severely? What I mean is from 16 would he not be of an age to be done for indecent exposure etc? If it is not dealt with properly now then he is going to end up in serious trouble legally as he becomes legally accountable for his own actions (if he isn't already).
    And certainly there is an issue of the safety and mental security of the other members of the class! Is he supervised 'at all times'??
    I do feel for you! I am sure your job is difficult enough without the added stress of this!
    I hope appropriate effective measures are taken soon! :)
  4. hi Bauble,

    Everything you said makes sense, I agree! Things are obviously going on in the background, social work, police, etc. However, I am not privy to any of it - why should I be? I only deal with his behaviour most days!!!! As you know, agencies don't act quickly, communicate with each other, or attach any sense of urgency to such matters. Meanwhile, we have to deal with it. Management don't check in to see how staff are coping. Any communication is from us to them. HT has head in the sand.
    Oh, and to madwoman, love your suggestion to re-cycle, my marvin medium, is running a bit low! Don't want you thinking, I don't have a sense of humour, it's what gets us through most days.
  5. If the OP is not a wind up (which I think it is) - then the next time he whips it out in class - whack it with a cricket bat. He'll soon learn.
  6. My daughter has severe SEN, if she was in this boy's class I would be horrified! Do the othere parents have any idea what is going on? Sometimes pressure from parents (especially if they threaten to move their own child) can do wonders!
  7. What is OP? I am fairly new to Tess, do you think I am making this up? do you know Dinx? she will vouch for me. As for the cricket bat - now why did'nt I think of that?
  8. It sounds as if you and the lad are both being let down by SMT, Ed Psych Social Services and whatever your version of County Behavioural Support is.

    Personally I would refuse to allow in the classrooms on health and safety grounds.
  9. I think the TES regulars are far too ready to shout "fake" and "wind-up". Ignore them. And good luck with your problem about which, I'm afraid, I have absolutely no useful experience or advice to offer.
  10. To Seiglinde

    No! the other parents don't know. And how on earth could we tell them. One of the pupils in the class is autistic with excellent language, he knows it is wrong. We all wish he would tell his mum. One of the other pupils has a Dad who is on the school board, he would go 'mental'.
    Why do these things never happen in front of visitors to the school or HMI?
  11. maybe because the boy concerned does know better than to do it in front of visitors?
  12. I can vouch for Misscynic, she isn't on a wind up.

    What kind of difficulties are we talking about? Is this a child with multiple, complex learning difficulties? Is he operating at his chronological age?

    You shouldn't have to deal with this kind of behaviour in a classroom, regardless of what type of school you work in. How have his parents responded? Do they have the same problems at home? How do they deal with him?

    Perhaps you could suggest to your head that provision is made to take him somewhere private for the purpose of masturbating at regular intervals throughout the day. It may be the way forward with training him what is/isn't appropriate classroom behaviour.
  13. I have another concern - in discussing this on here, am I being unprofessional? I am worried that I/he may be recognised. Just supposing a parent was looking at this site and figured it out, bit of a long shot I know. Will someone tell me what OP is?
  14. Golly! This makes the puddles of wee seem trivial! Sorry I have no useful advice, i'd just keep badgering the union for advice and action. There's no way i'd put up with that, SEN or not.
  15. Hi misscynic no words of wisdom but just to let you know OP is opening post or opening poster.

  16. Thanks Dinx!

    His condition is Fragile X. His mother has only recently admitted that he has a problem, Dad not around. We've tried letting him go to toilet to do it and have also told him that it is a private thing to do at home. He is just so 'highly sexed' that he is 'at it' all the time. Let me say this, in case any of you tessers have anyone in your family with this condition, I have taught others with FR X who were extremely well behaved and never acted like this - don't want to offend or hurt anyone.
    Guess we will just keep doing what we are doing and look to union to give us the support that the management isn't. (I am in an excellent union!)
  17. is it possibl that the boy has a fxation with one of you female members of staff, or a female student?

    Surely even the most special of special needs recognise from deep within their psyche that this physiological need is best served in private?

    gross. I am shuddering with distaste.
  18. Hmm, it's a shame that none of the other youngsters have told anyone at home what is going on. It's a disgrace that this young man's 'rights' seem to have greater importance than anyone elses! I don't have any other suggestions apart from continuing the pressure on the HT and union bods. Are you the teacher, or a support assistant?
  19. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I'm wondering if he's actually committing a criminal offence such as gross indecency.

    If he did it in the supermarket or on the bus he'd be prosecuted.
  20. My only experience of people with Fragile X is in a hospital setting, and this type of behaviour was not typical. But that was back in the days of hospitals for severely 'mentally handicapped' people and things have changed a lot since then.

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