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A bit scared. Please help about starting to wean, completely clueless and too much conflicting advice.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by whistle4it, May 2, 2010.

  1. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    My LO is 5 months next Sat, he was 18lb 10 a few days back, he is on 8oz of milk x 5 per day and is getting grumpy in between feeds and waking really early, so I think it is time to wean now. I don't really want to do blw yet as he still has a wee bit of a wobbly head as it is so big!
    I have bought some organice rice. But other than this, I don't know what to do!!!!! So I will put my thoughts as a series of questions as I am nervous to start and very thick!!!!
    1) How much do I give him and how often? When does this increase?
    2) When should I introduce new things?
    3) How does freezing stuff work? Do you put it in pots, defrost then straight to the microwave?
    4) Are they allowed cows milk?
    5) Do they need water as well as formula?
    6) What foods muct I avoid and until when?
    7) Do I need to sterilise his plate and spoon?

    SORRY!!!!!!! I am just so confused. Please help! [​IMG]
    Whistle xxx
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I'm no expert, and Jack's still not a very good eater at over 10 months, but i'll tell you what we've done anyway.
    We tried him on solids just before 6 months, and the first thing he tried was mashed up banana. We literally mashed up a ripe banana with a fork. It's really easy and tastes sweet.
    I got a blender and puréed things like carrot, sweet potato, apple and pear etc. Then we tried mixing things with baby rice to make it a bit thicker.
    You can freeze most things. Either take it out to defrost the night before, or use the microwave. If you use the microwave, check the food isn't too hot. We got some spoons from Boots that change colour if the food is hot.
    They can have cows milk mixed in with food, but not to drink. So you could make mashed potato with some milk, or a cheese sauce.
    You can't give babies honey, so that's one to definitely avoid. If you give them egg it has to be really well cooked. And obviously avoid anything they could choke on.
    I would try giving him water. We have Jack water when he was 5 months old as he was ill and kept throwing up so we wanted to make sure he was hydrated. Now he loves water and gets excited whenever he sees his water cup, and will drink out of it himself. He never gets that excited about food!
    We didn't try any BLW until he was older, and he now has those Organic snacks, a bit like wotsits for babies! HE has tried toast, and cheese and things like that, but really isn't too bothered by it.
    I would just try him on something once a day, and try different things to see what he likes.
  3. I am no where near this yet but I can tell you what my health visitor said. She said if you start before 6 months make sure it is totally pureed. Start off with a couple of spoonfulls in morning or evening (she recommended morning so it doesn't lie heavy on stomach). Make puree up with either milk, breast milk or cow's milk. You can use icecube trays to freeze the purees then empty them into freezer bags. Start with one flavour then start mixing different flavours. Start with things like carrot, broccoli etc. Aparently sweet potato is really good. She also recommended focusing of savoury rather than sweet so they have less risk of developing a sweet tooth.
    A few links that you might find useful for weaning information that we got from NCT classes:

    has information about baby led weaning, a leaflet to download and hints
    and tips

    is the Dept of Health information on weaning including 'the banana
    challenge' and 'no rush to mush'
    There is some women (annabel someone or other) that a lot of people recommend.
  4. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    My LO is only 9 weeks so can't give you first hand advice, but one of the parents at school gave me Annabel Karmel's baby and toddler meal planner book. From what i've read it looks fantastic!! Answers all your questions, tells you what to start with, how much to give, storage, freezing, preparing, etc etc Would definately recommend it as a starting point whilst your just getting your confidence. The only no no i've heard is not to introduce gluten before 6 months (hence why they say use baby rice not rusks)
    Good luck!
  5. love that book!!! great for toddlers and older too.
    i have been weaning my daughter for 3 weeks now - started at 6mths 1 week.
    this is what i did - cook a big batch of golden delicious apples (maybe 8), same of pears, a butternut squash and half a dozen carrots (separate pans!) all one afternoon.
    puree and freeze in ice cube trays or small pots.
    MUCH more time-effiecient than doing bits each day.
    you'll easily use all the stuff up over time, even if it means mixing in with other things later on.
    start with 1 icecube for a meal - if too runny, mix in some baby rice. i started with lunch as it's the least hectic time of day (2 older siblings). i didnt bother with babyrice on its own.
    give your baby a spoon to play with - saves them grabbing yours and plastering the wallpaper!!
    give water from a cup during the meal.
    stick with same food for a couple of days, then introduce a new flavour - could start doing 2 meals a day at this point.
    took my daughter about a week to cotton on to opening her mouth so i spent a good few days making her laugh or gawp so i could get the spoon in!
    at 6mths weetabix for breakie is easy (let it go nice and soggy) and buttered toast is working well for her starting to feed herself.
    i just got a second long-sleeve bib from sainsburys too - the fabric ones are excellent.
    hth and excuse rubbish typing.

  6. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Thanks ladies....so it pretty much each to their own? I have attempted a spoonful of organic baby rice and he didn't really seem to know what to do with it...is this a normal first reaction to something other than milk? x
  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Of course, they've never eaten before! Although Jack was quite impressed with the banana. I guess baby rice is pretty bland...I mean, would you want to eat it?!
    I have that Annabel Karmel book too. She suggests things like sweet potato, carrot, apple and pear as first foods as they're naturally sweet. Jack likes broccoli mixed in with his veg.
  8. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Haha chica as you will se I am at this on FB as well!!! I tried some rice and thought it was quite nice actually!
    He pulled a funny face when I gave it to him and I didn't really know how to get it in his mouth.
  9. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Tickle his feet? Or do something that makes him laugh?
  10. I used to make silly chomping faces at my daughter so she'd imitate me!
    I too am a fan of Anaabel Karmel's book, although I didn't have a lot of time to do all the really nice stuff she suggests as I went back to full time work (boo). I will have the opportunity to do it all over again in a few weeks time though - expecting baby number two!
    I started my daughter on a couple of teaspoons of baby rice at "lunchtime", then went on to some of the Heinz baby meals - for some reason she really liked the broccoli one. It's exactly the same as baby rice in that you add water or milk to the powder, and hey presto!
    I also pureed sweet potato, mashed potato, parsnip (she LOVED sweet potato and parsnip) and swede. The swede was not a success!
    Good luck with weaning - every baby is different, but all the posters have given great advice! [​IMG]
  11. baileyblade

    baileyblade New commenter

    I really panicked about starting to wean my little one, but once I started it was fine and I've enjoyed every minute of it. She wasn't very keen on baby rice, but after a few days I decided to try pureed carrot and she loved it. From then on she's eaten pretty much anything I've tried her with.
    Good luck (& enjoy the mess)
  12. Just bumping this as I'm starting with my LO who is 19 weeks and thought we could share experiences....
    So far, we've had a couple of days of baby rice for breakfast, I'm going to try mixing it with some pureed pear tommorrow. I've made a load of pureed pear and another of apple, will it be ok in the fridge for a couple of days? My plan is to mix a bit with her baby rice over the next few days. The baby rice on its own didn't get much of a reaction so I'm hoping the pear might be a bit more interesting. Also, sorry if it's a stupid question, but how do you heat the purees up?!
  13. I'm starting this soon- not quite sure when- daughter is 5 months, 2 weeks but quite small- 13lb10, think we will go for baby rice this week and work up to other bits next week.

    I could do with seeing what other people are doing!
  14. Hi,
    I started weaning in last week, LO is 4 months and totally ready for it! I felt very nervous as i know she is starting young but then all of the news reports came on about weaning at 4 months so I feel much better now!
    She started on rice but didnt like it, so I got some Ellas Kitchen organic pouches...and she loves them! She has a pouch at breakfast, around 8.30, then her milk. Then milk for dinner feed and then half a pouch at tea and her milk then her supper feed and a dream feed. She is doing really well, Ellas kitchen stuff is completely smooth at stage 1 and she takes it all off the spoon...practically no mess on her bib. She is sleeping through night, at normal weight, has rigid daytime napping routine so Im really glad I started when I knew she was ready.
    I am starting to make and puree my own veg/fruit now so we will see how she likes homecooking!
  15. Hi there, I've PMed you!
  16. We started a couple of weeks ago when LO was nearly 20 weeks. He is going great guns and eating everything he is offered.
    We haven't bothered with baby rice but he is having porridge instead in the morning, I have tasted it and it's quite nice. It's the aptamil creamy porridge. I just stuck with that for a few days. So far he has had sweet potato, carrot and swede, banana, pear and avacado. He loves the potato and banana. I also got him a soft tipped sippy cup and he is having a few sips of water with it. At the weekend we upped him to breakfast and tea. He has his milk feed after his solids. I think I will stick with just 2 meals for now as we are still just introducing flavours.
    I have bought a mini blender which is great for whizzing up small amounts. I also have a mini masher and bowl that I got from wilkinsons for about £4 which I find handy for mashing fruit. Our day looks something like this at the moment.
    5.30/7am [anytime between then] - milk feed
    9am - porridge [sometimes with fruit mixed in] followed by milk
    1pm - milk feed
    5pm - tea followed by milk
    7.30pm - milk feed
  17. Oh yeah for got to add, you can keep purees in the fridge for 24 hours. I usually just whack it in the freezer as you can defrost in the microwave and it such a tiny amount it thaws quickly in the fridge.
    Also get ready for some fantabulous poos!
  18. It's really interesting to see what everyone is doing. I have had a massive purreing session this eve so now have cubes of everything ready to go. I can reccomend one of those stick blenders with a beaker, its so quick and minimal washing up! So far we have had baby rice on its own then mixed in with pear puree for breakfast on two days, she's only 19 weeks so we're going v slowly! She did eat a bit of sweet potato off my finger this eve and seemed to like it.
    I can't say that she seems any less keen for her milk feeds unfortunately, I am feeding pretty much every 2 hours in the day which is a bit frustrating. As I'm bfeeding I have no idea how much she's having so I don't like to limit it. She's been waking loads in the night too so I'm hoping its a growth spurt that will end soon!

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