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A bit of advice for those thinking about giving up applying

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by gaudium, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Mackem85......ditto! Similar situation for me - unsuccessful for 2008/9 after my degree, change in personal circumstances after that meaning that I had to save up for a few years before reapplying but I finally have my unconditional offer for September [​IMG]
    A friend of mine also has a similar story, so I think there must be hope......
  2. Thanks for these guys, I am currently in the situation of 'I don't know where to turn!'
    I have completed my media degree after knowing from day 1 I didn't want to be there I wanted to teach, many conversations with my parents and tutors at uni meant that I stayed on and completed the 3 years of my degree with the thought of going straight into a PGCE. During uni I volunteered in a primary school and with the British Red Cross where I was a school speaker project leader talking about HIV and AIDS in schools. I wanted to teach either Primary or Citizenship at Secondary.

    The final year was hectic and I never applied for a PGCE. I fell into a job as a web designer and it all went out of the window. Yet my calling for teaching is still there, every time I step into a school environment I'm excited, desperate to get a job there working with the brilliant kids. I have so far applied for a few jobs as a cover supervisor or LSA yet had nothing back. Most of the people applying for those jobs seem to already be LSAs or Cover Supervisors (so frustrating!)

    I want to go into a GTP or SCITT because I am a very hands on person, I learn best on the job and PGCE is now my final resort. I just don't know where to begin, seems like a brick wall everywhere I turn :(
  3. Mackem85

    Mackem85 New commenter

    GTP is very very very competitive. I tried to apply for GTP's for citizenship and they really don't exist. You may have more chance in applying for english with/without media studies as an option? It depends on how much of your degree was english based. If it was more IT/technology based could you look at ICT, or Art and Design if it covered this?

    My undergraduate degree is a mixture of sociology, psychology and law so was really stuck with a NC subject. Citizenship was the obvious choice and social science. Social science is v competitive as there aren't many courses, and the future of citizenship is up in the air with the new govt. However, there are a lot of citizenship courses for PGCEs so look at these.

    My route in the end was a SCITT in Health and Social Care. My experience counted for a lot, and my subject knowledge isn't perhaps as high as other peoples (I have never studied health and social care before, but have studied sociology, psychology so there is some overlap). This was identified in a subject audit I did at the interview, however it by no means restrict you. More emphasis was placed on my interview itself, experience and presentation I did as part of the interview.
  4. Thanks for this! I am worrying about the process a lot as I am a 'mature student' now and have to leave a job of ~5 years to pursue this... for what?! I am beginning to feel like the stress is not worth the end result...

    It is good to hear that other people don't get in first time, I was beginning to feel like it was just me! Still, hopefully I will get there eventually, when the cosmos is correctly aligned :)
  5. If it helps any, my degree is straight law, my primary school experience by no means extensive (blocks of a few weeks here and there when I could take time off work) and my current role in a completely unrelated field but I have an unconditional offer for Primary PGCE, albeit subject to health/CRB checks (if they ever send the forms!).
    In my interview they focused more on my ongoing commitment to, and enthusiasm for, teaching.....and I certainly think you fit the bill there!
  6. Thanks for this guys, gave me a perk.
    I'm going to apply for gtp primary and see what happens. I might also ask my old schools if they can help too
    I'm going to write to my primary school where I did 6 months work experience and see what happens they can only say no at the end of the day :)

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