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a bad start

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ozzieskyhat, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Ive just started a new job in a slt role and feel like ive made a right bodge up of it. The last 7 weeks have been really hard, looking back, I ve done everything I said I wouldnt, telling people what to do, making judgements too soon, etc. Now I face a brick wall. Ivwe found it really hard to build relationships and with an ofsted due any day, i think ive gone into panic mode to try and get changes made.
    I am worried that I have started on the wrong foot and feel disappointed that I havent built the good relationships i wanted to. Also hadnt realised how lonely leadership is.

    Anyone got any good advice? words of wisdom?
  2. Leadership is lonely....

    However you've recognised things about your professional behaviour you don't like...so change. It's possible. I think many people (myself included) go a little 'power mad' for a while- I know I upset a few people in the first few weeks- but everything is smooth now and I had to, in some cases, apologise. I learned quickly- and that was a long time ago.

    OFSTED....make the changes that are right for the pupils- not OFSTED yes some schools and staff need a kick up the backside and if that is your situation you have to stick to your guns- ask yourself- are all the changes you are making all needed at the same time? if the answer is no....back off a bit.
  3. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter


    wot she said ^^^^^^^
  4. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Ozzie, did you mean to leave out the apostrophes? Please tell me you did...
  5. I've just been promoted to SLT too but feel the opposite way to you. As KS1 coord the two other teachers in the KS1 team are a lot more experienced than me, and both went for the role! So I was concerned it would be awkward, but fortunately one of them is fantastic and a lovely person who has told me she will support me as much as possible, and the other can have a slightly arrogant streak but I am taking him with a pinch of salt.
    Anything I felt needed to be changed i've spoken to about them as a team, not by dictating, and we have come to conclusions together - luckily we tend to agree on a lot.
    I had the good relationships there to start with which helps. The majority of the stresses of my new role relate to the workload! There seems to be one thing after another that needs doing urgently - we are also preparing for an Ofsted.
  6. thanks for all your advice, I have had time to think it through and feel like I can learn from my mistakes,
    I think thats why god invented half term.......................................

  7. Is yours the sort of place where people go to the pub on Fridays? You missed the obvious one, but getting a round in with a "I've been finding this really hard but would like to say thanks for putting up with me" gesture would work with me!
  8. Oh l do hope you're our new head and have reflected well on how it all went and what to improve
    Next term might be easier and better if so, despite Ofsted.
    Sadly odds are unlikely and we're all in for more of the same........
  9. What about the apostrophes?
  10. yes totally lazy re; the apostrophes, I know they should be there, but just couldn't be bothered, have sorted it.

    Im not the new head someone hoped I was, though I appreciate the comments, a new start it is a nice prospect. Mistakes are what we learn from, that's what we are always telling the children.
    I've got a cat, how can I be lonely..................

  11. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Give yourself time and don't beat yourself up. You've taken on a big job and you will get used to it. You can only do the job your way and I bet you're giving it 110%. Look after yourself. Have you got a mentor of any sort to talk things through with, or is it just us! So many women don't take on management roles because they can't face the criticism - you're better than that - well done!! You know you're proud of yourself really and you should be - you're one of the ones who is prepared to stick her head above the parapet - now you've got to find your tin hat.
    From all the women who have put themsleves in the firing line, now or in the past:
    ozzie - we salute you.
  12. Go to the Rovers and get a round in.
  13. thank you thank you thank you, you guys are my mentors,
    and as it happens, my brother is an amazing retail manager who is sooooo wise when it comes to people and responsibilities, so we have connected in a new way.
    Now that the first week is over, I have had a better week. I have taken my foot off the pedal, listened more, started my sentences with questions, listened and watched more and more. Its been much nicer, much nicer, its still lonely but I don't feel like fiona on her return to never land as an ogre. (shrek, its so true), and I am giving in 110 %.
    What would we do without these forums, probably have more sleepless nights?

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