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A* at A2-level AQA

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by sarahger, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. One of my pupils (out of 8) got an A* in German, and now does sole German at Oxford. She was already breathtakingly good when I arrived, and stretched herself considerably when I was told not to practise the A-Level topics with her (too boring, and half the group B/C or C/D borderline). So we talked about literature, our weekends, our families... and she got a considerable boost in her vocabulary from that. I have to say that even I found the speaking exam quite difficult (AQA) and wouldn't have done that well on it myself, partly because of a permanent lack of ideas ;-). I think it is a general problem for linguists to get the best possible grade, partly because even if they don't make any mistake, there's still the content to watch out for....
  2. Thanks for this. The more I read the scaled marks I see that it will be very hard for him to get the A*. Fingers crossed though!
    On a more general note, I question AQAs marking for the oral. For Unit 2 AS Speaking we had an external examiner last June and two pupils who got D grades moved up to A grades when I did a teacher conducted resit in January there. Moving up four grades in the space of six months....interesting!
  3. We had a visiting examiner for AS and A2.
    AS students did much better than expected, but A2 significantly worse!!!
  4. 3 (out of 9) got the A* last year and none of them were native speakers (although 2 are Spanish, which helped their fluency). They did extremely well at AS (full marks in the Speaking) and 95% in Paper 1. I didn't think they had done that well in the A2 speaking exam but they almost got full marks! I'm pretty sure your student will get his A* if he is that outstanding. Good luck!

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