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A 1940 Evacuee Mother's Diary

Discussion in 'History' started by Gillmawson, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone I have decided to use my hundreds of interviews with Guernsey child and
    adult WW2 evacuees to create a 'Guernsey Mother's 1940 Diary'. I will
    update it several times a week, all this year, on my research blog & website, to demonstrate
    some of the experiences these 17,000 children and adults went through in 1940
    as they were evacuated to England. It may interest teachers who are engaged in teaching Evacuation and the British Home Front- see the first diary entry below
    Kind regards Gillian Mawson - Social History Researcher/Speaker, University of Manchester

    9 June 1940

    - I am Mrs Pamela Le Tissier and last night my family and I in
    Guernsey could clearly hear the guns on the French coast. My husband
    fears the Nazis will invade Guernsey, but I am not so sure, there is
    confusion all around.

  2. Gillian,

    You might want to consider creating a twitter account and posting your diary entries via this also. There's some good examples of accounts that currently do this, see for example:


  3. Thanks for this, I will shorten the diary entries and give it a go! GILL

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