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90's focus week

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sahdanks, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. sahdanks

    sahdanks New commenter

    Im a year 1 teacher and need to teach a week on the theme of 90's music and fashion. Has anyone got any ideas??
  2. sahdanks

    sahdanks New commenter

    Im a year 1 teacher and need to teach a week on the theme of 90's music and fashion. Has anyone got any ideas??
  3. Inform parents about what you are doing and ask that they join in with activities. I'd broaden it a lot- beyond just fashion and music.
    Start by putting 'The 90's' into a chronological context. Think about when they were born, when mums and dads were born etc. Make some timelines- long term (since down of time- we once did this all the way around the corridors in school and it was fab), a mid term one with the last few centuries and one since 1900- it;s important that the children can contextualise the period. Ensure they understand term- decade.
    Then ask the children to bring in photos and objects (of small value) from the 90s. They fill in a homework sheet about these and then tell the class about them. Have a washing line to peg the photos or have a photowall and have an artefacts table (lots of work about caring for belongings). Make some little signs, e.g. 'Jamie brought this game from the 1990s'
    Do lots of sorting activities with pictures (or object if you can) from various times. The children sort them into - before the 90s - the 90s -after the 90s. Discuss their ideas. Have lots of questions- How do you know? What makes you think it's older? Make sure you identify technoilogy in the photos, fashion, hairstyles, colours, quality and style of the photos.
    Do a know/want/learn activity- What do we already know about the 90s? What do we want to know? Put these up on post its on a learning wall or make some sort of display (wonderwall). The learn bit comes at the end when they share with you what they have learned.
    Give out pictures of events in the 90s and more recent events (last few years) selected for the children's interest. Ask the children to sort them and then explain why.
    Make a timeline of key events, represented pictorially, of events in the 90s.
    Invite parents, teachers, TAs, head or govs to a 'Come as you were interview'. They come, ideally dressed in 90s clothing, and the children ask questions about the 90s. Draft the questions and rehearse asking them.
    Don't forget, you have TV in the 90s and you should be able to download clips- see if you can get some Newround from the 90s or some Blue Peter and other children's programmes to show- look at the fashion, technology etc. Postman Pat and Rainbow were still going strong. I bet you can order TV progs 2nd hand on Amazon. What about Animals for Farthing wood? Bananaman? Barney?
    Our School in the 90s (If your school was built then)- Find out who was the head (would they be available to come and talk to you? Or past teachers of pupils?) How has the school changed since the 90s- compare pictures if you have them. Go round the school and see if you can take digital photos (1 between 2 cameras if you have them- cluster schools might let you borrow some if not) of things that they think are new in the school since the 90s. Then out these up on the whiteboard (hope you have one!) and discuss why they think it's new since the 90s.
    Local area- if there are any major changes since the 90s have a look at them- new build, rennovation (there may be a local historical society who might visit you). Go for a walk and take photos of what might be new.
    Listen to some chart music and then some 90s music- what are the similarities and differences- is it easy to tell?
    On the Friday morning, is it possible to invite parents (and govs and other classes if poss) to an assembly about the 90s?
    End your week by with a 'Come as you were' disco- invite parents etc. 90s music and fashion for last hour of the day.
    Some interesting and important facts:
    - Internet was invented in the 90s but was not widespread: how has the internet impacted on people's lives?
    - Digital answerphone invented- again what impact has this had?
    - Nelson Mandella released: This could be a fabulous celebration of his life.
    - East and West germany unite- a fantastic opportunity to talk about the Berlin Wall and show pictures etc.
    - Channel Tunnel makes first connection
    - Gulf War
    - World Cup in Italy (Germany Wins)
    - The development of the mobile phone may also be interesting and you might ask for parents to send in old ones so you can make a timeline with them (or pics from internet) and discuss what had changed
    - You might have a look at cars and make time lines
    - NASA's spacecraft lands on Mars (Pathfinder)
    Other possible activities:
    The whole class could produce and A-Z of the 90s, splitting the letters between groups. Present this in your assembly- A is for....
    Possible songs to learn from the 90s: Cliff rRchard- Saviour's Day/Jason Donovan- AnyDream Will Do/2 Un-limited- No lImits/D-Ream- Things can onkly get better/Man City- Come on you Reds,
    Get children to debate- I would rather/rather not live in the 1990s because....

    Hope there are some useful things you can do.
  4. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Fantastic ideas from MrsC there! :)

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