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9 month old refusing milk!!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bruno71, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hi thanks for the reply Bradley. Am completely at the end of my tether with this now. After not having his morning bottle or weetabix yesterday he was whingey all day, probably with hunger, so I kept offering him snacks etc but he wasn't interested. He then refused his bedtime bottle again and then woke up screaming at 3am. I presumed that it was hunger as he didn't eat as much as normal yesterday, so offered him his bottle and he went absolutely beserk! Almost like the bottle offended him! We did everything- changed his nappy, put a warmer top on him, gave him some calpol (he's also teething at the mo), offered him milk in a cup and in the end we ended up giving him some readybrek! At 3am!! Anyway he finally settled back down at around 4am and then got up at 7am, which is later than normal.
    He then refused his morning bottle again, so I tried the milk in a cup but he didin't want that either, but he did eat his weetabix. I am really worried because it is looking like he won't have any milk at all now and coupled with the fact that he hardly takes any water, not only is he not getting anywhere near enough oz of milk a day, he's not getting enough fluids either. AHHH!
  2. Just a little quick reply as I have to run but could it be that the bottle is hurting his gums? Think teething babies can be fussy with feeding. Maybe give him lots more yoghurt and try not to worry too much- hopefully this is just a phase.
  3. Oh and PS does he like fruit? because not only is it cooling and soothing on gums, it has a high water content (especially things like melon and cucumber) so he would get fluid from eating it.
  4. He likes bananas when they are mushed up and he is fed them, but he really struggles with finger food- he throws most of it on the floor! And I don't mean he drops it by mistake, I mean he picks it up intentionally and throws it straight off the side of the tray!! He manages ok with pear so I have been trying to offer him that a bit more as it is quite watery too.
    We have had exactly the same again last night and today- no milk at all. I managed to get him to have some water in his new cup, so I tried his milk in that before bed and he went beserk, hit it away and screamed. [​IMG]'
  5. Hi, we went through exactly the same thing, LO had just turned 9 months at beginning of June when I went back to work. She had been having two milk bottles a day about 6oz. Then when I went back to work my Dad had her and she refused her bottle in the morning! I gave her one at night which she was fine with but the next day she wouldnt take it from anyone. We tried in all different cup, mugs, glasses but she just pushed it away. We also tried different brands. I spoke to hv and she said to keep trying what I had but not to worry too much as at 12 months they can have cows milk. Just said to have lots of food high in calcium. Im not concerened as I know she eats very healthy, lots of fruit, veg, yogurts etc and seems to be fine! I have heard some people have a real tough job weaning off the bottle, so think it could be a good thing! She does have formula mixed in with her cereal which is about 4oz so she still has a bit.

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